Greetings Fellow Adventurers


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Mar 21, 2021
My name is Arcayn Sol. I have travelled far and wide across various time and space. I originally hailed from a land called Dereth in a realm known as Darktide, where I hunted Tuskers and Olthoi as well as Lugians and Virindi. I fought valiantly against the likes of the Keepers of Chaos, Joy of Villainy, and Og as well as many others, along side my brothers and sisters in the House of Sagacious and Justice.

Since leaving Darktide, I have landed on many different worlds/realms in many different alternate realities, always in search of that feeling I had while in Dereth. I've never been close to rediscovering that feeling of excitement on that same level.

I am searching for others with a similar background/history. If the names of these places, creatures, guilds or people are a part of your history. Please reach out to me and lets discuss the possibility of experiencing this world together.



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Feb 25, 2021
Greetings and welcome Arcayn! It's always a pleasure to meet a fellow adventurer that appreciates the stories that comes with travels. Nave is an extraordinary land that can bring many great memories both good and bad. Although be warned Nave is full of nasty beasts that appear both civil and uncivil. Choose your friends wisely and be careful I'm your decisions as Nave doesn't forget.

Wessex welcomes you both to Nave and to apply to the Duchy if your looking for like minded people
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Jan 14, 2021
Greetings Arcayn. I too have seen the battered shores of Darktide, though I resided in the tranquil forests of Wintersebb. Tales of valor from those shores inspired me on to greater adventures. Today, I find myself, a botanist with large eyes for the jungles of Myrland and the riches of life and information they provide. Though I will have to keep to the forests for now, for fear of large insects and the fanged and horned creatures that stalk those jungles. Please inquire to me for life saving elixirs.
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