[ES] Escuadrón de las sombras - Spanish/International

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WHO WE ARE: ES is a Spanish / International PvP guild. Our aim is fighting in any way we can, R-PK, guild battles, small scale PvP...

WHO WE WERE: After large number of battles, Sombras de Myrland [SoM] and El Cuarto Escuadrón [IVth] have agreed to a permanent alliance of coexistence and mutual support among their generals, warriors and, last but not least, plebeians, with the common target of defending their lands and spread together.

Now it’s time for the drums to sound again along with a new guild which will undoubtedly do anything to protect its friends and fight its enemies, in this new period where the Escuadron de las Sombras [ES] arises.

WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: We are looking for Spanish / International players interested in PvP and guild warfare, we have no specific requirements, new recruits just join and get trained and helped with equipment and advice.

If you are friendly, mature and preferably Spanish speaker, just go to our website and post your apply.

Our website is https://escuadrondelassombras.enjin.com/

Dircord: https://discord.gg/4EfRnhB feel free to visit us!!

Clan Type: RP, PVP, PVE
Location: Spain
Language: Spanish
Alignment: All
Races: All

High priest of Seth: Draco

Si vis pacem, para bellum
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