Death and Darkness III: Fighting for Fabernum Pt. 1


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Jun 21, 2020
Mixed emotions of surprise and anxiety washed over Ziqiri as he stopped across the bridge outside of Fabernum. The afternoon sun shot through the trees and ignited the scene outside of the city. A group of mercenaries stood jostling and listening attentively to their leader. Ziqiri moved quietly among the trees before stopping to hear what he had to say.

“These walls hold fortune! Though I cannot promise you will live through the fight, I can promise those who do a share of the take! Our purses will be filled after today’s victory.. So raise your swords men!”

A tall, enigmatic leader with fierce eyes and a fiery presence, loomed over the mercenary forces. Ziqiri squinted and then yelped as a hand fell on his shoulder and a voice barked passed his head.

“Look here boys! A visitor!” The strong voice boomed and the mercenary group turned to face them.

“Bring him here.” The leader called back as the large hand gripping Ziqiri’s shoulder tightened and a sharp object dug into his lower back. They walked through the men’s ranks to the center and Ziqiri was brought to his knees. He looked up at the sizeable commander, who eyed him up and down.

“What were you doing back there?” The leader asked from atop his wooden crate pedestal.
“I.. was only watching. Are you planning to attack the city? I came from Kranesh. I hoped to find work here.” Ziqiri stammered.

“Should I kill him Henrik?” The man behind Ziqiri growled, holding a blade to the Khurite’s throat forcing his chin upward.

“Sjonnie, stay your hand.” Henrik snapped, then he looked back down at Ziqiri, eyes narrowed. “Can you handle yourself in a fight?” He asked.

“I.. know how to use a blade. My father taught me when I was just a boy.” Ziqiri answered as he looked down from Henrik’s gaze.

“If you live through the day, you may join us. If you refuse, we kill you now and take your things. What say you?” Henrik demanded as he crossed his arms and motioned to Sjonnie to ready his dagger.

Ziqiri looked back up at the charismatic figurehead and smirked, “Well I rather enjoy living.. So I accept your offer sir. What will you have me do?”

Henrik waved Sjonnie off of their newest recruit and smiled tenaciously, “Follow us and kill whoever stands in our way. Take what you can when it’s over and we’ll leave this place a smoldering pile of rubble in the distance. Betray us, and I’ll kill you myself. Understand?” He drew his sword from his back. A long, intricate blade with delicate designs along the hilt and center of it.

Ziqiri rose to his feet and shook the man’s hand off his shoulder as he drew his katana from inside his robe. The men who stood near back away as he twirled the blade around his body and over his head. He stopped and turned it slightly, the sun’s glare reflected across the faces of the mercenaries and stopped on Henrik’s armor. Ziqiri nodded and then stood at the ready. The men around him cheered and hoisted their weapons in the air as battle cries filled the surrounding forest. Henrik turned to face the city as two of his men pushed open the main gate. Dirt and dust kicked up from the entrance and the main city street stretched out before them. A humming chant started as the men pressed on and funneled inside the walls…


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Jun 21, 2020
...But nothing could have prepared these men for the nudist alvarin spellcasters who lay within...

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May 28, 2020
“Should I kill him Henrik?” The man behind Ziqiri growled, holding a blade to the Khurite’s throat forcing his chin upward.

“Sjonnie, stay your hand.” Henrik snapped,
This was the first thing I saw from glancing that wall of text.

My butthole puckered at the thought of Henrik showing mercy.