Customization for Mouse Direction Flow

May 28, 2020
Hey folks, me and some fellas are experiencing the issue of not being able to correctly block or swing the way we want in certain moments ...
As we're using a mixture of Keys for Overhead and Thrust and only the mouse for Left and Right Swings ... sometimes switching between the two can lead to some unwanted Action in mid combat ... making us block for an Overhead while we wanted to block a Right Swing.
So I would love to see some Options, giving us the ability to disable mouse movement for Overhead and Thrust ... while we keep using the Mouse only for Right and Left Swings. On a personal level, its been a turnoff for quite a while and I thought I could work my way out of it ... but it just won't work most of the times while I fight on highly skilled battleground, when turning my mouse and do fighting.

• Add option to disable Mouse Block and Swing Direction for Overhead and Thrust.

In general I would love to see more options to how we can customize our fighting styles with our keyboard and mouse!
Thanks for the read. If you have any Ideas ... you're welcome to write in here.

- Myrmex
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