Chronicles of Nave

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May 28, 2020

We are a unofficial network and community discord server brought together by individuals and guilds throughout Mortal Online 2. Nave is the World in which our game takes place. The Chronicles of Nave writes down the Dance of Dynasties, World activities and more by its players for the players.

We have come together to give the community of Mortal Online 2 an unofficial place to shit chat and meetplace for leaders, to help grow and build the community in its future to sustain the game and its longevity. Individuals such as Adventurers or Solo players and Leaders of Organizations such as Guilds and Settlements have a place and voice here.
We are in no case someones private Army and no Zerg, we are a virtual network that strifes to first and foremost help the community of Mortal Online 2 to become a better place for new players and veterans, may it be in creating content as events and large scale activities for pvp or pve. We have no Leader, we all act on mutual goals like trades, exchanges, group fights, guild wars, politics and more.

One of the main reasons we created this discord server is to help out new players and generate healthy activity within the community but also allowing players their freedom of speech, while not being targeted by official MO2 discord or forum moderators and beyond. Exchanges such as trades, mercenary services, fightings and other sorts of collabs of the players of Nave happen here.

Welcome Adventurer!
We are hoping you will become a part of this community for the future, the politics and the stories of Mortal Online 2 that are yet to come and be written down. Play the Dance of Dynasties with us!

Join this Discord:
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