Beta Patch Notes


May 28, 2020
Brand new tutorial, new mounts, bosses, weapons and armors. This patch has it all.


  • Added a search bar to the vendor window, you can now use it as an item filter.
  • Added a 'rare item protection' that applies for special vendors which accept items other than traditional currency as payment, you can no longer 'accidentally' sell your special items to those vendors without trading them for something.
  • Haven now has a crafting tutorial and a combat tutorial (not completed yet)
  • Added support for compass waypoints for tutorials (only horizontal compass)
  • Added support for traps
  • Added /endtutorial and /resettutorial commands
  • Added support for simple task system used by the tutorials
  • Added fanfare UI used when the player completes a great achievement
  • AI can now trigger specific attacks when they go into certain states
  • Added script support for overriding music
  • Added Etherworld Portal Spiritism Spell.
  • Expanded the system for AI attacks to create more varied and interesting attacks.
  • Added support for Tier 2 AI
  • You can now see all tutorials in Haven in the map UI
  • Added Nitre Queens
  • Added a new UI window for selecting haven instances or myrland starting locations
  • Removed old haven statues and added one for haven & another one for myrland
  • More game messages should now get checked for translations
  • Lances can now be crafted
  • Added Furnaces to Vadda, Bakti and Moh-ki
  • You can now see your current Haven instance in the Haven statue city/instance select
  • More game msgs passed through localization
  • Movement speed will now get updated when mounted
  • Added Common Vitis to gathering
  • Added new translations from the community <3
  • Added Desert Horses
  • Added Mongrel Horses
  • Added Jungle Horses
  • Added Jotun Horses
  • Added Mountain Spiders
  • Added New armor "Ranger Armor"
  • Added Vadda graveyard.
  • Added keep spot ruins.
  • Movement speed will now get updated when mounted
  • You can now drag & drop your items to sell at the vendor


  • Updated Tindrem City
  • Update player mounting and dismounting sequences. It is now faster and more fluid to do these actions.
  • Updated AI turn and look around behavior. AI behavior when targeting an opponent in combat has been improved.
  • Update turn left and right transitions for quadrupeds.
  • Replace rotate inplace behavior for all characters. It's now smoother and looks better for both the AI and other players over the network.
  • Improved support for AI looking at different things in the environment independent of their actions, such as how to face opponents in combat. It will be used to further improve the quality of AI behavior in the future.
  • Adjusted skylight intensity transitions during dusk and dawn.
  • Adjusted look at character field of view for players and NPCs (when they start looking at others). Players will now only look actively at other characters when aiming closely at character faces. NPC FOV have been reduced to half to not excessively track every character in front of them.
  • Guard patrol paths have been updated in Haven.
  • Improve AI movement interpolations. This should improve stutters and sudden "sprints/teleports" mid combat during network load spikes and movement in general.
  • Update the mercy mode pose for Sators to be more readable by the player.
  • Adjusted movement for some creatures to be better synchronized with the ground.
  • Spiritism casting effects now have the correct duration when caster is on mount
  • Nitre hatchling now has new visual material
  • Fixed floaty hands during Axe warcry (in animation, may still be caused due to race size differences)
  • Updates to Sator's locomotion posture.
  • Oghmir pipe clade gift will now behave like bandages, it will take you out of combat mode etc
  • Reduced lowest FOV value in video settings from 90 to 60.
  • Set default FOV value in video settings to 90.
  • Rebalanced walkers in Haven Graveyard
  • Damage Scaling from int now gives more effect for earlier points and less effect for the later points
  • When casting spells that require spirits it now gathers spirits from multiple boxes to meet the required amount.
  • Counter melee damage reduction lowered from 50% to 40%.
  • Counter melee damage reduction now isn't refreshed when the counter hits.
  • Hidden AI now reset
  • If you gain new skills while having crafting open the UI will now update correctly
  • Added better control over how long AI holds aggro vs a target
  • Updated and optimized compass UI
  • Basic spell book now contain Ether Portal (if you buy a new one)
  • Human clade gift 'Soldier' now gives an additional +10 anatomy.
  • Mental focus & offense xp gain is now based on mana cost,
  • you should still gain the same base xp for using spurt but it increases linearly the more mana the spell costs.
  • Changed XP gain calculation for certain melee & ranged combat skills which gain exp for dealing damage, they now gain less base xp but the xp will increase based on damage dealt.
  • Human clade gifts were rearranged this patch meaning that humans will need to reallocate their clade gifts the first time they login.
  • Mental projectile now hits closest bone on target instead of a static placement in the middle of the body
  • Boar/Razorback/Farmpig animations updated.
  • Updated world lighting.
  • Updated Hyllspeia door heights.
  • Made most, but not all tamable Ai attacks parryable.
  • Suicide now takes your current health in damage rather than 1000 reducing the amount of longterm health lost.
  • Turned off capsule shadows on characters for improved performance and to remove shadow artifacts.
  • Adjusted Shadow quality settings. Shadows should be more stable and look better at lower quality settings. Still some flickering to improve on the lowest setting.
  • Adjusted Texture quality settings. Texture streaming pool has been reduced on some settings to save VRAM on the GPU.
  • Enabled ambient occlusion in lowest post process setting.
  • Reduced intensity of refraction in magic reflection charging effect.
  • Updated haven lightning.
  • Reduced saturation in darker skin colors for sidoian.


May 28, 2020

  • Fixed a lot of reported landscape issues.
  • Fixed pet equipment that could be equipped to any pets using right click.
  • Temporarily removed the ability to mail bags because it's not implemented properly yet.
  • Fixed crafting weapons with metal in the core not taking Oghmir metalsmith clade gift bonus into account.
  • Fixed skill book tooltips not being shown.
  • Fixed strange deformations of Farm pig hips.
  • Skill book tooltips should now show more accurate information regarding prerequisite skills and disabled skills when hovered, it was showing outdated info sometimes.
  • Your own mount frame should no longer get updated by other players' mounts.
  • Fixed mount stamina going above max.
  • Fixed issue with the game menu sometimes disappearing until relog.
  • You can no longer click on stuff behind settings in the main menu.
  • Fixed characters not gaining stamina after they stopped swimming/falling while mounted.
  • Fixed mount frame not reappearing after dying once.
  • Sometimes the skill you clicked in the skill tree wouldn't get updated properly, showing previous limitations and such which were no longer active.
  • Fixed an issue where mount frame max HP would not update when mount gained levels etc.
  • Fixed some crafting UI.
  • Fixed thirst stat not updating properly.
  • Fixed Thirst stat being reversed.
  • Fixed issue with loot bags sometimes spawning in the ground
  • Fixed issue with mail not being cleaned up when a character was deleted
  • Fixed issue with AI spawning other AI in the wrong position
  • Fixed several typos
  • Mental healing now shows the name of the caster in the combat message instead of the affected target's name.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused counter attacks to deal 0low damage instead of proper counter damage.
  • Fixed an issue that caused loot bags and carcasses to not be targetable while having a Transcendental Awareness buff.
  • Putting someone in mercy mode using melee, ranged & magic should now turn the attacker criminal
  • Fixed spelling errors in skillbook tooltips and such
  • Clade Gifts weren't taken into account when checking if you should be knocked off your mount due to carrying too much
  • Community translations of channel names were used when obtaining items causing it to get set to local
  • Fixed vendor msg ending up outside the trade window when using translations
  • Some points in AI path updates had a bad direction, causing AI to face the wrong way or hitch.
  • Clients would sometimes halt movement updates while the player was standing still and just looking around, making it appear to others as if the player was just doing nothing.
  • Player hands should now match properly when doing clapping emotes. Hands did not match because IK was disabled during these sequences.
  • The player camera should no longer do a one frame hitch when dismounting a horse.
  • Fixed issue where you would get the quantity popup when buying things that you can only buy 1 of at a time.
  • Mercy mode debuff icons fixed
  • Pet equipment appearance should no longer change when casting spiritism magic such as transcendental awareness or after resurrecting.
  • The TV-like static noise should now be gone when logging in while falling.
  • Fixed bug where weapons got stuck in your hands during bandage animation due to spamming bandage
  • Fixed an issue with selling spirit boxes back to vendors.
  • Fixed crash related to pet panel
  • Fixed bug where weapons got stuck in your hands during bandage animation
  • You can no longer use archery while in mercy mode
  • Updated mental offense description to reflect its effect(calculations remain unchanged)
  • Spellbook should now show more accurate values based on your skills & intelligence
  • Weapons breaking from mining or woodcutting now gives a message
  • Got rid of the strong camera hitch that happened when dismounting a horse.
  • NPCs no longer get an odd head movement when looking at someone for the first time after starting the game (the lookat target got a bad initial value).
  • Fixed Sators playing the wrong mercy mode animation while being unarmed.
  • Fixed incorrect collision settings on the extraction crusher which ignored weapon attacks.
  • Players no longer slide/vibrate on the floor while standing still and turning left or right.
  • Reduced camera hitching when turning left or right while standing still.
  • The dungeon in Haven is no longer loaded and visible at all times. It will now only load and show when the player is nearby. This should improve performance in Haven.
  • Closeup camera in character creation should now follow the face of the character again instead of being stuck in the air when the character changes size.
  • Fixed issue in AI pathing where the last point had zero velocity causing AI to sometimes stop short of its target or caused hitches between movement updates.
  • Fixed issue where some levels would unload when the player got killed and entered ragdoll mode. This could happen in for example some of the dungeons in the game.
  • Fixed issue where some levels in the game would do a brief unload and load when the player transitioned from and to the etherworld.
  • Got rid of excessive black shadows that could appear on characters in some places Fabernum.
  • Fixed wrong materials used by risar poleaxe handle.
  • Dropped equippable items are now sellable

Known Issues

  • Some particles and sound effects from NPCs and creatures leak into the etherworld. For example the troll will be very noticeable. We are working on piping all the effects through the same path to be able to filter them effectively.
  • It is possible to get missing in-game UI after a crash that can happen in some locations like dungeons. If you log back in with no UI, move out from the cave, force close the client and relog.