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May 28, 2020
In MO1 we had a counter in the bank with number of used slots and available slots. This counter is missing in the current bank in MO2, see screenshot below. This bank has 50 slots, same as in MO1, but in MO1 we could use bags to put up to 100 items into the bank. What is the limit in MO2? And, StarVault, please increase bank space to 150 or even 200 items! Crafters usually needed many slots for all the materials. On my alchimist/coom the limit of 100 items had been pain in the ass and I needed a second f2p bank character in some cities. In fact I used four different f2p characters for three cities and the guild house. With the combination of fighter and crafter for the same character we will even need more bank slots to store crafting materials and armor and weapons in the same bank.



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May 28, 2020
With the change from 4 to 1 character we should get an equal increase in bank space so imo atleast 200 slots and 400 space.

Could keep the 50 with 4 or more tabs to not make the window larger, all added would be 4 or more tabs on the top.
Bags are coming im sure sooner or later.

My prefered would be 50 or 100 slot big with tabs going up to 500 space banks in each town.
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