An Old Letter From the APC to an Unknown Recipient, circa ~10 A.C.


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May 29, 2020
Scribe's note: Greetings, Leorias. I have both good and bad news on your request for a transcription of the old parchment you found in one of the ruins in north-western Myrland. I am happy to inform you that I have been able to piece together the fragments and transcribe what little remains of what appears to be a letter from your organisation dating back 200 years ago. However, due to its age and lack of preservation by proper techniques, parts of it are either too faded to be legible or altogether missing. The following was the best I could do, and hope that you will find it satisfactory.

<faded area, illegible> ... your family, should they survive, may take comfort in the knowledge that we have delivered to you the silver amulet and ring that has been passed down by your grandparents. What will become of Myrland and the world in the aftermath of this terrible cataclysm that will soon befall us all, we do not know.

What we do know, is that we have upheld the three core tenets of our organisation in the few short years since its founding. They are these:

We have not brought infamy upon our name by partaking in direct or indirect criminal acts such as murder, theft, dishonest dealings, opportunism and the like.

We have avoided as best as we could from getting involved in matters not belonging to us, nor in the politics of warring guilds vying for supremacy and dominion in the land.

We have treated our fellow peacekeepers as equals and with goodwill in the sanctity of non-aggression and mutual respect for each other's life and property.

<torn area, missing> ... someday, in the distant future, when our old world is nothing more than another forgotten page in the annals of history, someone who holds to our core principles and purpose may take up the mantle where we have laid it down. May you find safety and shelter from the coming storm. Farewell from the APC.
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