A way to tell if a player is peaceful or aggressive, helpful or intending to kill?


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May 28, 2020
A padded room.
Amdamn im not sure how you can possibly sit here and say “well i talk to people because that’s the only option i have anyways as im always naked and suck at fighting anyways”.

This is not a viable or enjoyable playstile for 99% of players. Congrats on being the 1% that makes it work.

Talking to people while they kill you may fill your social RP meter but it does nothing for keeping you alive. Try and walk around in a steel set in the wild and talk your way out of getting PKed.

I would not give this advice to just anyone. The way the op posted about their playstyle made me think it could apply to them as well.

I am in no way suggesting that this would work for everyone or even many.

Edit... nor am I suggesting that I can talk my way out of anything. Only that sometimes players will talk.

We are all humans playing. Its not like an npc that is locked into certain behavior. That is what makes multiplayer special.
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