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  1. Rorry

    Allow 3rd person view in Melee like Darkfall...

    Absolutely not!
  2. Rorry

    Blocking issues

    This is the same for me at 140 ping. Plus I very often get a hit sound when they parry me. Often they parry me before they move (which sometimes happens in MO1, too.) :(
  3. Rorry

    Combat Alpha Patch Notes

    What I mean is that no matter what I, being from NA do, I get parried over and over like that.
  4. Rorry

    Combat Alpha Patch Notes

    @Bicorps In duels at least holding your swing too long doesn't really come into play as you will be parried every time if you fully charge a swing. (Don't know about team fights as there are never more than three or so players from NA on during the time I can play, even on patch day.)
  5. Rorry

    Combat Alpha Patch Notes

    Except if you are from NA and fighting anyone from east of you every fight is like that, with the added bonus that sometimes the person parries you without their animation moving on your screen or while they are charging a swing or even while swinging, and furthermore the sounds of combat are...
  6. Rorry

    General Guidance for SV and the Balance Team

    All those things were problems in pvp that had to be phased out or toned down. In each case they proved to be too good to where you either had to play that style or be at a disadvantage and each time when enough people switched to the OP weapon or move or playstyle those who didn't want to play...
  7. Rorry

    Combat observations

    I forgot about the mounted combats.
  8. Rorry

    General Guidance for SV and the Balance Team

    They don't realize that turning is a reaction to a problem rather than the problem. The main problem is that parries are over powered.
  9. Rorry

    Combat observations

    I wonder if it would work to let some damage occur even through the parry? The (earned) reward for skill in blocking would be less, and the (un-earned) reward for good ping would also be less.
  10. Rorry

    General Guidance for SV and the Balance Team

    Feedback needs to be judged on it's own merit, true. The problems MO1 had that originated from listening to feedback were not usually from listening to top players though, but were from listening to those who wanted to succeed with little effort. People who wanted the game to be easier, and...
  11. Rorry

    General Guidance for SV and the Balance Team

    MO2 should be a smoother playing MO1. All of the changes you suggest would make it like games that already exist. All the stun/stagger/bleed shit, and special swings/attacks/combos that some games have are replacements for skill based play and MO should avoid them. MO1 shouldn't have had them...
  12. Rorry

    Suggestion - Tweak to the current ping based swing delay system

    What are you considering the average ping? If it is a target number that you have calculated for, I mean. Being from NA, the system we have now will most likely keep me from wanting to PVP at all.
  13. Rorry

    Make night brighter

    People already log off for the nights.
  14. Rorry

    Alpha Patch Notes Discussion

    It seriously takes waaaay too long to charge a swing.
  15. Rorry

    Alpha Patch Notes Discussion

    I already couldn't log in before this patch was implemented, just so you know.
  16. Rorry

    Is the server down? My game keeps failing to log in.

    Is the server down? My game keeps failing to log in.
  17. Rorry

    Combat Bug Examples

    Add to these problems the fact that a Euro can parry every single hit (much more so than MO1) and it isn't fun to play from NA.
  18. Rorry

    Can we please just have the combat system from MO1, updated and running smoothly on this new engine?

    You can turn your back to someone and hit them with the overhead swing, like chivalry. Swings are slooowww like chivalry, a person with good ping can parry even while they have a swing charged and it takes so long to charge a swing that that person has lots of time to parry. The swing of a two...