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  1. Rorry

    Level/load line issues.

    Players are leaving the game left and right because of level/load issues that seem to be getting worse instead of better. The most recent one I have encountered is one that says I learned some skills which I already have, then my and my horses' armor disappears (where we look naked, but it still...
  2. Rorry

    Pet storing/mailing.

    Is there going to be added a system like the pet ticket system of MO1? Or will we be stuck with only the broker that was added yesterday? If only the broker, it is going to be inconvenient to play the game as a tamer, a breeder, or a mounted fighter of any kind because of the very limited...
  3. Rorry


    At some point after the patch before last characters around me have started to stutter very badly instead of walking smoothly. At times someone on foot will lurch 1-3 meters at a time and when walking their feet will be moving in super speed like the roadrunner from the cartoon. It varies in...
  4. Rorry

    Two Requests for the Housing System Based on Player Experience from MO1.

    Suggestion 1: Please allow stables to be built on the outside of houses without having to make an entire guild. This would allow players to build in places beneficial to the community without having to make an entire guild to be able to have a stable. Since the world is so much bigger and with...
  5. Rorry


    Please revert dexterity to how it was in MO1. Builds now are too homogeneous.
  6. Rorry

    Skill leveling fix.

    Please fix it to where we can remove points from secondary skills. If you are only going to allow us 1 character per account people will likely want to try different things with their character, the problem is that once you have secondaries leveled to 100 if you take the points out of a primary...
  7. Rorry

    Skill points. Bug Report.

    Sometimes the two skill lists share available points and the available point graphic is often incorrect. If you level a skill that uses the available points from the wrong list all those points (all your leveling) will be taken out when you relog. I tried to report this as a bug in -game, but...
  8. Rorry


    Please remove the delay that comes after sheathing or switching a weapon or bow, and between going out of combat movement and when you can charge a spell. It may no longer say "can't do this yet" but it is frustrating nonetheless and adds to the overall clunky and draggy feeling of combat.
  9. Rorry

    Stress Test.

    As the third day of the stress test ends in the EU, it seems obvious that SV must consider opening an American server. The one server has no where near the capacity to handle all the people who want to play. Although, perhaps it is only Haven that is going over capacity, I have not been able to...
  10. Rorry

    Razorbacks and wolves.

    Razorbacks need to have their speed and aggro range turned down slightly, my full speed character can't outrun them which might be ok, but they also never quit chasing even if I haven't damaged them. Wolves aren't as bad because they seem a little slower, but they also keep following forever so...
  11. Rorry


    There is not enough money to be made for new players on Haven. They will find it too difficult to buy their first book, etc.
  12. Rorry

    Target bar.

    Please let people's name stay on the screen slightly longer after you target them. It is hard to see who someone is when they are moving around.
  13. Rorry

    Risar dungeon.

    Please make the dungeon lighter. Can't hold a torch and fight. Alternately, put a bunch of risars outside so we can level clade gifts on them.
  14. Rorry


    Does anyone else lag when they get near another character? My game will be running well with 100+ fps and then when I go to fight or duel my movement and mouse movement gets sluggish and starts to respond slightly slower than normal. Then, also when I pull off from a fight to kite or bandage...
  15. Rorry

    Cursor Bug.

    If I adjust my settings (I don't mean that I change the resolution or the fullscreen/windowed setting, because I didn't) either before I log in or when I am in game my cursor will no longer go onto the right end or the bottom of my screen. When it happens (which isn't every time,) I cannot close...
  16. Rorry

    Server running poorly.

    More than half the time that I log in recently the server is all messed up with everyone teleporting around, crashes are very frequent as well.
  17. Rorry


    Five minutes after logging into GK my game fatally froze and I had to close it via the task manager. I am reporting it here since the way it froze didn't allow for the sending of the crash message and it has happened a couple of times before (not always in GK.) so I am making sure that you are...
  18. Rorry


    Please make our characters step a little higher so we don't get stuck or have to spend stamina jumping very short things. That was always frustrating in MO1 and I already see it will be in MO2 as well if it isn't changed.
  19. Rorry

    Slow swing after parry bug.

    There is still a bug that happens when you try to swing immediately after you parry where your swing is slow as if you are just tapping your button. It has been in for many patches. Please take time to fix it as it is very frustrating. Thanks.
  20. Rorry

    Performance Issues.

    There is something odd that happens part of the time when I try to play in Bakti when there are other people there. It's as if my screen is only showing every few frames. It isn't a hitch where I freeze like sometimes in MO1 and my fps doesn't seem to drop in correlation, though it is 30-40 less...