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  1. Angelo


    I am new guild leader and I am opening this service again.
  2. Angelo

    Unemployed thief LF work

    Make video about how to grief the griefers.
  3. Angelo

    Can we just agree the game needs more monsters to populate the world?

    Agree with this. There should not be animals on every step, we should be trying to find them. Maybe at starting point, in this case Haven, yes but some common like pigs, sprinboks maybe few wolves to add some challenge. If you need some Ironwool or horned scales... try hard to find them.
  4. Angelo

    No Thievery on Release?

    I guess they pushed thievery back on the roadmap, because of housing and fishing ( cant wait to throw my bait). Also I think that thievery will be first big implementation that SV will work on after release.
  5. Angelo

    Can we just agree the game needs more monsters to populate the world?

    You cant tame from the horse anymore. It was changed like 1 month ago. Though you should be able to tame that wisents one by one, the y wont run away if you dont attack.
  6. Angelo

    Can we just agree the game needs more monsters to populate the world?

    There will be more animals at end of october, november, december and at release.
  7. Angelo

    Can we just agree the game needs more monsters to populate the world?

    Springbock comes to a lake to drink water, crocodile comes to eat it and just injury it. Springbock tries to run away, there comes the wolf and catch it. And eat it. Halfway. There goes a horse rider and see dead animal. He decide to skin it and luckily he finds golden ring in the carcass.
  8. Angelo

    one character per account .....

    Nostradamus in me says they will add more character slots in 2-3 years.
  9. Angelo

    The surprise effect

    As we know, the surprise effect keeps most people interested and curious. That gives people more reasons to do certain actions like mining, hunting, fishing, exploring, crafting... Here is some ideas how to do it, some were already in MO1, some are announced to be in MO2 and some are just...
  10. Angelo

    Wich continent you wanna see Next?

    Sidoia - hopefully it will force to make boats. Sea travel, piracy, fishing, transporting. exploring new islands...
  11. Angelo

    A few quality of life suggestions.

    I have one more suggestion for quality of life: add fishing :D
  12. Angelo

    Suggestion: Stop notifying about new items added

    I was experimenting with fishing a lot in MO1. Most frustrating thing was when you realize that the thing you are experimenting with is bugged but you dont know it. I agree there should be some secrets, like let us find how to fish that specific fish, but how can we experiment with bait, rod...
  13. Angelo

    Criminal flag timer

    Criminal flag 2 min? Thats joke. Make it 30 min. at least. If you make a criminal action you are bad guy. You cant become good guy again in 2 min. Or if you become criminal 5 times in 1 day in one town, you should be banned from that town for 24 hours or more. Most annoying thing is when someone...
  14. Angelo

    NPC town black list Yes/No

    My experience is totally oposite. At least in Meduli.
  15. Angelo

    NPC town black list Yes/No

    You dont have to worry being blacklisted if you are citizen of that specific city not griefieng or killing innocents, but helping out other players or just minding your own business.
  16. Angelo


    Yeah, random rare loot would be great. Like there is 0.1% chance to reel in amulet, ring, helmet, boots, gold chunk...
  17. Angelo

    Server Wipe Question

    You pay 39$ as donation and it counts as you bought the game. Now you own the Mortal Online 2 game. Now you can play the beta until 25th of january. Then it goes full release but you will have first month for free. After that you need to pay every month for subscription. You dont need to buy the...
  18. Angelo


    For all fisherman's out there. What we know so far, what would you like to see related to fishing... I heard fishing will be implemented until release (25.january 2022). There will be like "simple" fishing and more advanced where you can put more skill points in it. Also I think that fishing...
  19. Angelo

    Replacing resources

    Its not random. Like if there is some rock in the area it should not randomly disappear or magically transform in to another rock.