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  1. Angelo

    The surprise effect

    As we know, the surprise effect keeps most people interested and curious. That gives people more reasons to do certain actions like mining, hunting, fishing, exploring, crafting... Here is some ideas how to do it, some were already in MO1, some are announced to be in MO2 and some are just...
  2. Angelo

    Criminal flag timer

    Criminal flag 2 min? Thats joke. Make it 30 min. at least. If you make a criminal action you are bad guy. You cant become good guy again in 2 min. Or if you become criminal 5 times in 1 day in one town, you should be banned from that town for 24 hours or more. Most annoying thing is when someone...
  3. Angelo


    For all fisherman's out there. What we know so far, what would you like to see related to fishing... I heard fishing will be implemented until release (25.january 2022). There will be like "simple" fishing and more advanced where you can put more skill points in it. Also I think that fishing...
  4. Angelo

    Forming market price for materials

    What would be most precise way to form a price for materials. Like Calx, Granum, Steel, Cuprum, Ironsilk, Crepite, Salvia,Sea Dew, Ironwood... The prices for how much players buying and selling their mats. How to make that list?
  5. Angelo

    PC upgrading

    ATM its Phenom II 955 X4, 8 gb RAM, RX 560, SSD. Usually I have like 25 fps (Meduli and wilderness), 15-20 fps (Bakti, Vadda, Tindrem, Fabernum), Moh-Ki is unplayable for me 8fps. Will I have 30+ fps if upgrade to Ryzen 3 3100 and 16 gb RAM?
  6. Angelo

    Replacing resources

    Its just not cool to replace resources around the world. I understand there need to be balancing but this is just ridiculous. Removing rocks from one area and add it to another is pretty much gamebraking. Like Meduli now has only Saburra but Fabernum now has Granum, Coal and Saburra. Its not...
  7. Angelo

    Druid build

    Greetings. Need suggestion to build a druid. This build should be mostly for PvE (with option to defend your self or better to have time to run away from murderers). It has to be Alvarin because of some clade gifts (speed, 10% bonus on mining, 10% bonus on butchering, +20 str for using bows...
  8. Angelo

    My best picture so far

  9. Angelo

    Myrland Tournament - test (ended)

    So I decided to try and organize this tournament. As it says its more like test so I can see if I can do this after persistent release. For now there will be only 1 discipline - Sword fight. First lets see how many knights are interested in this tournament. Participation for tournament is 100...
  10. Angelo

    MO2 wiki on discord

    I hope its not against rules to post this here. I will update that server regularly, just waiting for persistent release in march.
  11. Angelo

    Knight`s Tournaments

    I have never played an MMO that have those knights tournaments (think of "A Knights Tale" movie). Like you sign up and there is few competitions like sword fight, bow shooting, jousting... as for me this would be the first MMO game that have it (and I played a lot of MMOs) if they implement...
  12. Angelo

    VOIP bug?

    Well I dont know if its a bug, cant hear anything when ppl speaking. Sound and music works just fine though. Any ideas how to solve this?
  13. Angelo


    Just wondering if there is some players from this former guild? I meet few in game already. Best days in game while I was in this guild. It keeps me playing regardless all the bugs that was present at the time. Thank you to all members of former Forsaken guild.
  14. Angelo


    Is it possible to donate with paypal balance? I do have money on my paypal though there is only option to pay with debit card that is linked to paypal.
  15. Angelo


    Is it allowed to use this program while playing MO2?
  16. Angelo

    Alpha System Requirements

    It would be awesome if you can share your specs and graph settings. Thank you.