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  1. Darran

    Add Finnish translations

    Please add Finnish translations! I have many Finns who like to play in Finnish and are willing to do translation work @Henrik Nyström @Sebastian Persson
  2. Darran

    Make resource textures clearly distinguishable

    Currently it's very hard to tell what rocks are granum, calx and gabor. Please create rock textures that are clearly distinguishable, so that we don't have to go up close and check what material the resource actually is.
  3. Darran

    Off-hand torches

    Please make torches work like shields in combat so that you wont hit people with them and make them stay in your hand out of combat mode. They work like MO 1 now where we always had one guy just carry a torch in the group as you can't really fight with a torch and you are forced to run in...
  4. Darran

    Anti aliasing minimum bugs

    Here are some render bugs that happen when anti aliasing is minimized/disabled: Hair renders weirdly and has black dots around it (check the eye lashes) Water Sun makes bright dots flicker on and off on puddles Water flickers between different colors, usually blue green and red...