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  1. Dracu

    one character per account .....

    Or maybe multiple characters that share everything from name to position in the world reputation/Percentage of HP etc etc etc. The only difference is the „character build“. That would still offer all the pros of 1 character rule while also removing the major downsides. A cooldown when changing...
  2. Dracu

    Armor affects mount speed

    Make mounted armor affect heavily magic regen and slightly stamina regen. Melee swings take less stamina to circumvent a nerf to them in that regard. Heavy armored MCs should still be viable right? No point in paper MCs that have to take the biggest risk while suffering bigger then the ranged...
  3. Dracu

    What Tasks/Quests would you like to see if players leave the heaven tutorial and what kind of task NPC´s would you like to see ?

    helping a town grow quests. each town has a ressource stock, that starts with kinda 0. Ever town has a demand, for food, wood, rocks, etc etc. players can fill these tasks and contribute to their town. A better stocked town leads to better, more and stronger guards aswell as better economy and...
  4. Dracu

    Delay Release

    that indeed pretty cool^^ Lets hope for the best
  5. Dracu

    Delay Release

    mo1 had 400k+ registered users... game must have been crowded af and alive etc.... would one assume with that "raw" number.... right? :D 100k not enough! make that 10x!^^
  6. Dracu

    Delay Release

    & @Rhias Great to hear! Thanks :)
  7. Dracu

    Delay Release

    If only more ppl would know mo, to bad marketing aint SVs strong point... i really hope they hire a company for it this time.
  8. Dracu

    Mortal 2's Map Is To Large

    thats the spirit!
  9. Dracu

    Mortal 2's Map Is To Large

    great! now be so kind and buy a second account now and a third account on release. Dont forget to sub them all for one year minimum.
  10. Dracu

    Server Wipe Question

    biggest pro of playing alpha... you get to claim to be an alpha player which in a few years will make all your points 20% more valid.
  11. Dracu

    Delay Release

    you forgot the most important point to delay release.... -no boats the game will fail without boats :(
  12. Dracu

    We need stamina for combat pets

    no! pets needs a buff git gud you all just hatin my beastmaster skillz
  13. Dracu

    Does Starvault have any QA or GUI designer?

    Yes and yes :) You can see the results of it ingame xD
  14. Dracu

    Me and my friends like the game. But paying monthly fees is unrealistic.

    Easy to exploit? Nah you guys always jump the exploit train way to quickly. Even if ... it would not be the majority if its a bannable offense. And to check that stuff really shouldnt be hard at all. They got lists with the order data and where those accounts originate in no way they cant track...
  15. Dracu

    Me and my friends like the game. But paying monthly fees is unrealistic.

    The argument at its core is the fear of a missing regional pricing modell. Thats valid :)
  16. Dracu

    Mortal 2's Map Is To Large

    Yes map is indeed way to small... cant wait for the other continents henrik announced. Gonna be great. Every player will have his own continent
  17. Dracu

    I tried to enjoy MO2 REALLY HARD, but I failed...

    Am i the only one gettibg tired of „potential“ and „its coming“ statements... But yeah everybodys points are invalid, boats soon... they have the „Potential“ to fix everything. Critique not allowed cause boats aint in yet.
  18. Dracu

    I tried to enjoy MO2 REALLY HARD, but I failed...

    Thanks for your honest feedback^^ Sounds like you really gave it a good try. To bad the game didnt click for you.
  19. Dracu

    End the Spins

    Combat should be balanced around 1vX. When 1vX works 1v1 works. Still waiting for proper 1vX melee system adjustments^^
  20. Dracu


    I wish they would take more inspiration from berserk. Not grim enough.