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  1. Dracu

    What do you play Mortal Online 2 for?

    Hey everyone, just would like to make this poll. Maybe its interesting to see where everyone sees themselves. Multiple choice ofc. (3)
  2. Dracu

    Old Weapon Stats

    Okay folks, some time has passed we could tip our toes into the water that is mo2 crafting. An exciting journey indeed and we will continue to see lots of wierd stuff. But while testing the new material stats iam personally a bit dissapointed in how specific weapons have lost their uniqunes...
  3. Dracu

    Mortal Online 2 Lore Audio Versions

    All the stuff is creative commons, so if you ever want to use stuff from it or whatever, please feel free to do so... and no need for adding my name or anything either. UNOFFICIAL: About Spears and Loafs OFFICIAL: The Third Battle...
  4. Dracu

    Turn Cap Yes or No?

    After looking at the current version (using low sensitivity where it somewhat works) And looking at videos from other games like Bannerlord, Chivalry and Mordhau. And well to put it blantly, MO2 has way more humane spins then the games above. Tbh this whole Turncap stuff is not as nice as i...
  5. Dracu

    Alternate Stabbing

    Hey everyone as everybody knows stabbing weapons are mostly just usefull for stabbing and not really for slashing. This makes stabbing weapons pretty easy to counter aswell as not really leaving room to the stab weapon user to do anything besides spamming. I would like to suggest to have an...
  6. Dracu

    Some clean nice Sword Fighting

    Hey everone, Shimmering and me tried a round of no bs bug abuse/animation twitching/ running like crazy. I would really like to see this kind of playstyle to become more viable and for those who want some twitchting/glitching...
  7. Dracu

    Suggestion mouse drag experimental blocking

    The feature is freaking good, better then anything to block imo but, there is something that bothers me about it. when trying to refresh a block you have to drag the block again in the new direction, this leaves quite a big opening compared to other blocking mechanics. It would be cool if there...
  8. Dracu

    I need a polesword

    Please put a polesword in next patch, just a good ol zweihaender head on a 2h gripped handle stick. Iam to dumb for swords i need the range :D It was like THE meta weapon in MO1 we should start balancing around it early^^
  9. Dracu

    Melee Combat Guide(outdated)

    Written Guide: Video Series: Introduction:
  10. Dracu

    Road Signs

    Hey everyone, i would like to make another suggestion... Roadsigns. The map is pretty big and already has lots of roads, but no road signs to give directions for old/new players. I think they would be a great addition to give new players some „hints“ of general directions where they can go and...
  11. Dracu

    Myrland is quite a beauty

    The images are not altered or modified, mo2 is just looking so damn good^^
  12. Dracu

    Compass Feedback

    Hey everyone, would like to give some Feedback on the compass. The new compass Design is pretty modern and one can see the inspiration. But tbh i hated this design in other games too. In MO1 i had my compass not at the top but closer to the middle right, this was so i didnt have to look to far...
  13. Dracu

    Probably unpopular suggestion

    Hey everyone, entered alpha today and first of its freaking amazing. Loving the new combat system it feels in a really good place. Something that does bother me somewhat though is the looking up while drawing/pulling a swing when counterattacking. Some animations look very very similar and...