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  1. NINEN

    Alchemy Basics

    That guide looks familiar @Anabolic Man 😉.
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    Melee and archers pwn mages

    If you ever get chased by an ogmir you will.
  3. NINEN

    Running two MO accounts simultaneously?

    Same computer would be ok in my opinion, but I still like the one character per account.
  4. NINEN

    Running two MO accounts simultaneously?

    Nah, I like that accounts are limited to 1 slot. If not only that it encourages people to group up and monitor reputation.
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    Melee and archers pwn mages

    1v1, if you’re running from someone as an Alvarin it becomes a stam game, and you will lose that game. Group fights are different, if you build your character right, you will have enough speed to get back to a team member who can peel for you. I feel it’s a trade off. Honestly, there is a...
  6. NINEN

    Running two MO accounts simultaneously?

    I am interested in an official answer to this by maybe @Henrik Nyström or @Sebastian Persson . I would think it would be allowed since the subscription is still being paid.
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    Alchemy 101 (Script for my youtube video)

    I usually try to stay absolutely silent about anything Alchemy, but I’ll reply here because you all sparked my interest. 30 Hp per tick for 30 ticks is not ever going to be possible. One tick occurs about every 2 seconds, so that’s 30 Hp every 2 seconds! That alone is impossible. That potion...
  8. NINEN

    Banking in Bakti, Vadda, and Moh Ki

    Well, don’t forget that the idea is that players should be encouraged to live out of keeps, strongholds, and houses. Banks, crafting tables, etc. will all be accessible outside of town for that reason. You are right, towns are too small for the amount of players. Live outside of towns.
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    female alvarian moans.

    Honestly, it’s far better than the strange meow I hear from some characters!
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    New School of Magic!

  11. NINEN

    nice rollback....

  12. NINEN

    Can we please add Duels in Haven?

  13. NINEN

    Cooking and alchemy, do you need 100?

    Yea, I really hope that they hide ingredients for Cooking.
  14. NINEN

    Cooking and alchemy, do you need 100?

    I won't speak for cooking because I don't think very highly of the system in its current form. However, I can speak about Alchemy, and I can tell you that you will need 100 in Alchemy, Potion Making, and Advanced Potion Making. As a side note the primaries you should also then get are: Botany...
  15. NINEN

    GK monopoly on best resources needs rework.

    There are a few points missing from this argument that some need to recognize. 1. There is a lore reason for why GK area have no guards, limited vendors, quality horse breeds, and tephra. The company does not want to steer too far away from that just because some players decided they dont think...
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    Hear me out

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    Why cant i change my forum name

    You can't change it because we don't want you hiding behind a new name once you piss us all off. ROFL
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    Why we don´t need Haven

    Honestly, this topic is a great example of just how far out in left field an argument can get. Both sides plead their case with such extreme sincerity, but honestly its just a starter island. Would it really matter either way?