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  1. Xrayce

    Elementalism - Magery

    and why exactly is that "strange"? being entirely dependant on others in pve doesnt seem like good game design. you don't always have somebody around to play with, so if you wanted to play without a pet as mage you only can do so while riding and/or as described by Xunila throwing rocks at them...
  2. Xrayce

    Idea about how Mortal could have additional profit

    so the problem with the idea is, that this game and its economy is based on the conecpt of risk vs reward (always). with a pve only zone you remove the risk and therefore it would by defination influence the economy negatively. (Yes you can argue around that it's already broken etc, but the core...
  3. Xrayce

    Haven / Tutorial Feedback / First impressions

    Well gonna need to start somewhere, right? =D
  4. Xrayce

    Haven / Tutorial Feedback / First impressions

    Hi! Since I just started I can give some feedback on my journey so far (about to leave haven soon): Character Creator: -It should be made clear, that you can't change your Clade and race ingame -It should be explained what the numbers in the brackets mean (I learned by watching youtube, that...
  5. Xrayce

    Pets are ruining small scale PVP

    So has anybody actually done some serious testing? If you go 1vs1 scenario (what seems to be the hottest topic here) with respective gear on both sides, who wins when properly played? be it killing the pet or not, depending on the circumstances (I am new so I can only approach this logically...