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  1. Henrik Nyström

    New Myrland servers are being deployed

    We have taken down the servers and deploying our new server setup with multiple Myrlands, this will most likely take a few hours to go through and test them before we can let everyone in. We will keep you updated on the steps and progress. You will be able to chose Myrland instance from the...
  2. Henrik Nyström

    Pre purchase now available

    New game play trailer available and players can now pre purchase the game to get closed beta access and be ready for release 25th of January 2022. Thank you community for participating in our events to help us record this master piece of game play trailer.
  3. Henrik Nyström

    Twitch stream join now!

    It's time for a stream, and today it's a sneak peak of our new weapon group and some other goodies, come join and ask your questions.
  4. Henrik Nyström

    New hot fix coming shortly today. Stay tuned

    New hot fix coming shortly today. Stay tuned
  5. Henrik Nyström

    Twitch time join us

    To join our stream going live in a moment, QA, updates new creature sneak peak.
  6. Henrik Nyström


    Dear community We are working to deliver our next patch sometime next week if things go as planned. We are working on our road map to finalize our missing parts and systems as long as we try to cover the bugs, we have got reported during beta in a prioritized order to improve gaming quality...
  7. Henrik Nyström

    Vote on Mortal Online 2

    Hi everyone, we are in a Epic contest that could lead to some promotion, marketing etc that helps the development of MO2 so we need your help in getting attention, please vote daily here if you want to support us. If it gives 404 you could try again I...
  8. Henrik Nyström

    sub price

    As it says on the website, the client cost 39 with sub included, you subscribe each month you want to play the game. There are different packages and different lenght on subs with discount. If you bought the donation access you already have the client for release as well and will only have to...
  9. Henrik Nyström

    Drawing Contest!

    Appreciate the support we get within our community, thanks Vakirauta! I hope so see some tallets here. I will also throw in 2 alpha keys for second and third place. Good luck!
  10. Henrik Nyström

    sub price

    Currently we are looking at a standard client for $39 and $14,25 subscriptions /€ for eu players. This may change when we get closer to release but this is what we are looking at currently.
  11. Henrik Nyström

    Test thread