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  1. Hooves

    Character slots as paid dlc

    Couldn't agree more. Swapping Steam accounts to play the game is a horrible user experience. It's free money, Henrik.
  2. Hooves

    Lighting poll

    The shadows are flickery and look like epileptic seizure-inducing shit if they aren't on Epic quality. But on Epic quality, they're a terrible drain on resources and fps. It's a lose/lose, and I would like the option to turn shadows off.
  3. Hooves

    Returning to beta population numbers but with out the beta community.

    If you fought on 24 fps against competent players, you'd get farmed like a bush pig.
  4. Hooves

    Running two MO accounts simultaneously?

    Because SV limits character slots to 1 per account, MO2 is a P2W game.
  5. Hooves

    Weapon durability and dmg

    Please Henrik
  6. Hooves

    Mounted archer Online is pretty BS

    Historically speaking, mounted archers were very powerful. Therefore, they should be the strongest possible combat class in Mortal Online 2. Historical Accuracy > Game Balance I'm joking of course. MA is risk-free and this issue is exacerbated by the fact that the map is 4x too large and it...
  7. Hooves

    My Wish List

    I whole heartedly agree with #1 and #2. For #3, it would be nice to easily view how many resources will be used before crafting an item.
  8. Hooves

    Deleting Items - Inventory management - QoL Improvement

    I guess the real best solution is to make crafting skills less grindy. Or to make it so that if you use good materials, you’ll level up super quickly. This would prevent the core issue, which is the fact that you have to craft 5k bone tissue trash weapons in order to level up, which you’ll have...
  9. Hooves

    Deleting Items - Inventory management - QoL Improvement

    Still not an elegant solution. There should be an option to keep crafting after inventory is full, and any extra items will be deleted.
  10. Hooves

    The world feels extremely empty.

    Lol imagine thinking that the number and diversity of pickable spawns is sufficient
  11. Hooves

    The world feels extremely empty.

    Henrik is aware of this issue, but idk if he realizes how important it is to add stuff quickly. He indicated that they left space open for new future creatures. but they Can’t just wait for new mobs or pickables to be designed, they need to fill out the map with stuff ASAP and maybe replace with...
  12. Hooves

    Sprinting skill

    And don’t get me started on “Breathing Technique”.
  13. Hooves

    Sprinting skill

    There should not be any foot movement abilities at all. This includes jumping, etc. These bonuses should all be baked into default movement values. Having them as learnable skills doesn’t add anything to the game. 90%+ of players pick up these movement abilities anyway, so it’s not improving...
  14. Hooves

    Pet builds, playing with your legs cut off.

    I agree that pet pathing is buggy and it would be sweet to ride a dire wolf. I’m sure once SV reintroduces “realistic” bull horses that bite for 40s or unkillable super-lykiators, you can have a rideable OP pet to do the fighting for you.
  15. Hooves

    Seriously why no NA server?? Big mistake..

    So many stupid arguments on this topic. In his livestream, Henrik pointed out that there are elite NA pvpers. Therefore, he concluded, ping isn’t that important. Fact is that most of the games players are NA. Of course some of them manage to be very good. Ping does make a difference. If an NA...
  16. Hooves

    which game will be for me for the next 2 years? answer at 6 pm

    I love how you assume that anyone cares. "Oh no, not hzika! They were the backbone of the community!"
  17. Hooves

    Steam reviews. Mostly negative.

    Hard to come back from this. It's the consequence for sizing the Myrland map 4x as large as MO1 without increasing server capacity. Could have launched with a regular-sized Myrland and an extra persistent continent to spread the load...but hindsight is 20/20. This game is in deep trouble.
  18. Hooves

    The Myrland Map Feels Empty

    I don't understand the 'No thank you' remark as I don't see how this is a counterargument. Adding more resources in clusters far from towns would do much to resolve this emptiness issue. This would also still require an 'adventure' to get resources.
  19. Hooves

    The Myrland Map Feels Empty

    Add more monster spawns. SV has sized their map for 10k players. Yet they filled it with a pittance of resources, and spread those resources hilariously far apart from one another. Monsters, pickables, and minable resources are critically lacking on this map. There need be more spawn points...
  20. Hooves

    Character slots

    If they're a wise company, they'll allow you to add more character slots at the cost of a much higher monthly fee. They'll get more people that way compared to the number of people who laboriously create a second Steam account to sub a second account.