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    Patch Notes Discussion

    Soul Bound, u die u keep the bag and everything inside of it.
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    Patch Notes Discussion

    So...great you fixed being able to make the bound bags. But players that already have bound bags still work...0 risk or trouble transporting around the map still because they have a inventory of prepatch bags to put their whole banks into. Incredible
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    Trinkets % not working properly?

    Just want to see if others are experiencing the same issue. I've ran tests with 9% Slashing Defense. No change...I've tried with Slashing over 10% bonus. Is anyone else having issue with the trinkets with %? Armor weight % seems to work...but these other ones don't appear to work properly...
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    Game has no end progression/goals. Not having TC/Siege even dated this year... GG literally no point in playing
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    PSA don't keep valuable items in your house

    Was fully built house, not sieged. House is just gone. I used the house everyday and magically gone/no logs xd. Great Game
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    PSA don't keep valuable items in your house

    Long story short. House vanished after the patch on the 16th. Containing lots of items :( SV has no logs. Just want to give everyone a heads up...yes the upkeep was paid. Just highly disappointed after spending weeks farming materials to place into a house that vanishes. Received an...
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    Patch Notes Discussion

    This is literally what I'm going to do. I'm going on my Blue toon and will loot guilds clearing of dungeons until they kill me and lose rep/give mcs so they cant spawn anywhere. LMAO
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    Is stamina bugged?

    Hi guys, i played at the end of beta and i didn't think it was this terrible. I get into a pvp fight and within 30 seconds im stammed out and unable to do anything. This is not helpful considering most of the time solo/small group of friends i play with always get outnumbered and once we stam...
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    Will servers be upgraded?

    I'm just curious if the developers have brought up anything about upgrading their servers on this game. I've been playing in Bakti and when it just released onto steam there was influx of players and Bakti was close to unplayable in terms of lag. About 30-40 players in the graveyard or around...
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    I just tired of all the tedious time wasting in this game. way this is released properly in January. They need to put another year into the development, everything feels rushed and half baked for a pay check rn.
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    Server Wipe Question

    Don't worry, I'm not the Swedish IRS. Of course it's just a donation ;) very blessed to have received such a wonderful GIFT. XD
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    Server Wipe Question

    Thank you everyone for the input, ending up picking the game up due to the pushback release. The 1 week Stress Test was such a tease, ready to dive into the game :)
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    Server Wipe Question

    Just wondering if it's worth to purchase the early access now... $39 is a lot. Is there any incentive to purchase now? Will I keep any progress my character made in game when the game is fully released? Thank you :)