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  1. Golgotha

    The Case for a General Chat

    Why? Why should guilds get the communication advantage? What magical device do you get as soon as you become a guild member?
  2. Golgotha

    Should I Make A Post Explaining to fartbox, et al... why MO2 is not Succeeding?

    Truth. Speaks volumes about these forums. To each their own, though.
  3. Golgotha

    Press Extractor Doesn't Allow Muse Fruit

    Muse Fruit has never been usable in a press in MO. Plantains arent for juicing. Karot as well does terrible in a press, which is why you grind it.
  4. Golgotha

    Are non-toxic open world PvP games possible?

    Games are not toxic, people are. You're not going to change people, no matter the game.
  5. Golgotha

    Question about weight loss

    You only lose Maximum Health Reserves when your current Health or Stamina Reserve is between 15% and 75% of your Max Reserve total. You know you are 75% or lower when you begin to see your grey bar (you must have grey bar to lose Max Health Reserve). You DO NOT lose Max Health Reserve if your...
  6. Golgotha

    It's not just "pixels" ...

    All time put into a video game is waste time. Mortal is not a linear progression game, time does not equal forward progression of character or material acquisition. Don't let personal ego or "rights" blind you from reality.
  7. Golgotha

    Fish encyclopedia

    Few records. There currently wasn't anything shown in first thread for a regular Gutta, just Giant Gutta, so I thought Id also submit for the regular Gutta.
  8. Golgotha

    [Suggestion] Remove ingredients list from meal name

    You know you obviously made some of the best food in MO, not just "RP fun food". You had a deep understanding on Soph Multi's and similar food type bonus that could be generated, which is WAY more than most could say. Without soph though, food isnt much other than a small number of max stat...
  9. Golgotha

    Interest in MO2 Reproduction Weapons

    I was a leathersmith for 10 years. Awhile back (during beta of MO1) I offered SV the option of making replica vambrace, armours, and specialty goods (like a leather bound blank books with the logo, or other clade symbols, burnt or tooled into them... Thought it would make unique merchandise to...
  10. Golgotha

    Add Blocking with bows

    Durability loss of equipment should equal Material Hardness of attacking weapon vs Material Hardness of defending weapon. Also, make it so dental, horn and crepite have a negative modifier to these totals due to a brittleness created when under tension/pressure of the bent bow giving woods more...
  11. Golgotha

    Combine feature from MO1

    Raw prep, or cooking without a tool, is beneficial to the HSM for most items consumed. You prep the food just like normal by right clicking the cooking icon in your skill screen, or left click from your hotbar, except you have no need for a heat source in front of you. You do not put any tool...
  12. Golgotha

    What kind of gambling games would you like to see in Mortal Online 2 ?

    The previous version of gaming tables in MO was quite open to what you wanted to do with them. I really liked how it was set up. You opened a board UI that had many lines, numbers and points on it. Could represent many different games or styles. Youd then right click on your game piece box...
  13. Golgotha

    What settlement are you gonna base in (if any?)

    Meduli, naturally...
  14. Golgotha

    It is role of the chosen few to educate those that cannot... so all may hear, one day.

    It is role of the chosen few to educate those that cannot... so all may hear, one day.