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    Mage Mechanics are Fundamentally Bad

    Because it works well enough if you are located close to the server in Europe with low ping, and according to Henrik, their “ping normalization allows anyone around the globe a perfectly acceptable experience. De-sync is practically gone and the One-server game is working perfectly.” Except...
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    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Its the new “woke” ninja patch. All character now get to decide which gender they identify with …😆
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    How much int needed to do decent heals?

    This sounds strange. It shouldn't be that way. Height shouldn't effect running speed. Only dex should. How did you test this? Are you sure you tested both characters at full sprint with their weapon out? If you open paper doll when you test this it should show you your max speed. Higher dex...
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    How much int needed to do decent heals?

    Frankly thats why you dont see many hybrids around. They were all the rage in MO1 but were nerfed hard in MO2. If there was a very strong hybrid build everyone would be using it. It is technically possible to make a hybrid, like El Perro said, but you just end up being a shitty melee and a...
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    How much int needed to do decent heals?

    Yea ezpz, lol. As soon as ELPerro gives you those two rings and cronite swords you can make your build…. Those are mad expensive rings. And yea, 80 int is basically a mage build. It only leaves you with about 70 strength (on Alvarin) which would require cronite swords to be able to do decent...
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    How much int needed to do decent heals?

    Magic healing is only viable if you have high Int (aka a mage build). You can make a dex, dagger/mage that has a lot of healing. Daggers because they are the only melee weapons that require very low strength and do high piercing damage. Even then you have to stand almost still as a mage to heal...
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    How much int needed to do decent heals?

    Ok, so if your total hp is around 180, then you want to heal roughly 90hp. If you have Mental Training and Mental offence and about 50 mana, you can heal that with 10 lesser heals. you will need 10 points in Psy( lowest it will go) and 40 in Int, for about 50 mana, which is more than you need...
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    How much int needed to do decent heals?

    Well it depends what you mean by “decent”. If we assume that you have Mental Training and Mental Offense to 100, and you are only using Lesser Heal(more mana efficient), it will heal about 15 to 20 HP for 4 mana, if you have around 100 Int. If you only have 50 int the heal will be more like 9...
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    What are human kallards good for?

    Kallard has the highest strenght, constitution and height which gives you the most HP and damage bonus of any human race. They are the biggest hardest hitting humans, but also slowest (96 dex). They are the “thursars” of the human races. Sidoian also have 105 strength but they are not as tall...
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    Need help with character build

    You are correct that you cant have everything. You have to choose either speed, or tankyness, or healing in this game. The faster you are the squishier you’ll get, and vice versa. Like above said, if you are looking at a fast healer the best race is Alvarins (31 year old). They are the fastest...
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    New player questions

    1) with 3 to 5 players you will be able to do most PvE content except some of the biggest bosses. You should be able to provide yourself with the necessary gear, if you all make 2 characters and take complimenting professions. You may even build yourselves a hamlet over time if thats your goal...
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    Is life steal worth it?

    Life steal is only worth it if you can deal a lot of damage while its active. It works well against animals and pets because they dont parry. If you use it against a player, and then he just sits there and parries all your hits until Life Steal is over, then its kind of worthless. If you dont...
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    Just scrfibed my first spell, but.

    Did you open your spell book and select the appropriate magic school tab?
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    Necromancy needs help/ rework

    Completely agree. I have posted this before and will do it again. Necromancy was made so awkward and cumbersome on purpose in order to keep it from being OP. The whole raising each walkers, then having to control each walker, then having to send walkers…..its an absolutely retarded mechanic...
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    looking for sewer builds.

    Pets just require Primary points so it all comes down to what skills you are willing to sacrifice to have them. There is either the Necro pets route, or the tamed/dominated pers. Necro pets are very strong and require the least amount of points, but require a home base close by as you cant...
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    looking for sewer builds.

    Sewers have rats, lots of rats. Most people that run dungeons by themselves use Alvarins for 2 main reasons: the fast running speed, and Alvarin sight. Alvarin sight is super OP to see other players through walls. Its basically a wall hack radar. There is just nothing like it for sorrounding...
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    what is the max range on short bows?

    short bows made of the best material (dense crepite) require a minimum of 82 strength. Below that and pulling the bow will deplete your stamina very quickly. You also wont do full damage. As far as how far does it shoot? Its pretty far, if you arc it high enough, but i don’t have actual...
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    Live Events (Earthquakes)

    Well the earthquake itself would only be witnessed by those few people that would happen to be online right at that time. Majority of players would probably miss it. As far as “invasion” type events, they used to do them every once in a while back in MO1. There was a risar invasion that lasted...
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    Pets Are Too Strong.

    If you are wearing tungsteel or cronite armour pet damage does decrease greately, but we are talking about 3k gold or more for one of those sets. The pet costs a few hundred gold at most. If they tame it themselves its free, with some hours spent afk to level it. Very few people can afford to...
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    Action Queing System Ignoring Modifier

    I have yet to understand how this is supposed to work correctly. Every time ive tried it, it seemed wonky and confusing. Maybe because its never worked right?