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  1. lord_yoshi

    Extraction Poll

    Based on Henrik's discord responses on the matter, it seems that mining/extracting is intentionally designed to be a mindless time waster to distinguish it from hunting/butchery, or in other words, if you don't like it, make money some other way.
  2. lord_yoshi

    Extraction Poll

    You said the rock gathering rates don't make sense, I told you what the logic was, you keep insisting that gathering rates should be based around your arbitrary rock tiers according to what resources the rock can produce. I can guarantee your made up resource tiers make far less sense than "Soft...
  3. lord_yoshi

    Extraction Poll

    Any game mechanic that involves long periods of not actually playing the game is bad game design, but reducing the time to generate materials lessens the impact of losing those materials. I would like to see some kind of minigame to greatly reduce the material extraction timers so players still...
  4. lord_yoshi

    New Logout System Unacceptable

    People need to learn what issues the camping system is trying to solve: An enemy group sieges down your palisade wall and logs out five to ten fighters inside in less than a minute. Well after you have repaired your wall, some of them log in, kill and loot your crafters/AFK players, then log...
  5. lord_yoshi

    Nourishment/Cooking System Flaws and Improvement Suggestions

    This thread is to talk about the nourishment and cooking system shortcomings and how those issues should be addressed. Player Hunger Value Is Not Intuitive Player hunger is a number that normally reads from 0 to 1800, but each .01 kg unit of food eaten reduces hunger by 5. I would suggest that...
  6. lord_yoshi

    What do you play Mortal Online 2 for?

    It isn't essential, but it does make it easier. The same method to find smaller values was used in MO1 .
  7. lord_yoshi

    What do you play Mortal Online 2 for?

    It's pretty obvious you have no idea what you're talking about. Simplistic compared to what? Where is the mined data? What have you even tested?
  8. lord_yoshi

    What do you play Mortal Online 2 for?

    As far as alchemy systems go, MO/MO2's system is by far the most advanced. What were you expecting, a bunch of flashy effects?
  9. lord_yoshi

    NPC Bidding Auctions to Counter Inevitable Gold Inflation

    Adding small upkeep costs to everything just pisses off players, and the costs themselves are insignificant compared to how much gold a player can make in a day.
  10. lord_yoshi

    NPC Bidding Auctions to Counter Inevitable Gold Inflation

    A huge MO1 problem was the lack of real gold sinks, AKA ways to remove gold coins from the world economy. Trading gold between players just shuffles the coins around while more coins continue to collect. One potential solution is to have the server generate Auction House item listings for...
  11. lord_yoshi

    About alchemy and others.

    -Renaming vials was a feature in MO1, should eventually get added. -Dye system was a feature in MO1, should eventually get added. -Naming bags should be a thing. -Get a shorter mount. -[3.00DH] pots are nothing compared to what is coming in the future. -Pickable spawns could always use some...
  12. lord_yoshi

    Extraction Timers

    Everyone can agree that six minutes per stack of rock material is completely excessive, and anyone that defends it is delusional or has some way of bypassing the wait.
  13. lord_yoshi

    Updated Intelligence "Curve"

    If you wanted to change the magic system as a whole, you shouldn't have whined solely about changing the overall int damage curve. Now hybrids have to lower their psy to maintain the same magic damage. Hybrids being dead because of the change is a pretty big exaggeration.
  14. lord_yoshi

    Proposal - Remove of 'I'm Stuck' button.

    In MO1, you had to wait for ten seconds before the unstuck command actually executed. Why does the stuck command in MO2 happen instantly if we have to wait in place for ten seconds anyway?
  15. lord_yoshi

    Selective Buyer NPCs Should Indicate What They Buy

    A selective buyer NPC is a vendor that buys specific items instead of gold/silver/cuprum coins, such as some of the armor book vendors. If the vendor does not indicate what they are buying, the only other way to find out how to purchase from them is to waste tons of time trying to sell them...
  16. lord_yoshi

    Bank size limit

    I had 102 items at once, but that also doesn't mean they won't change it.
  17. lord_yoshi

    Beta Patch Notes Discussion

    Tough break hybrids, there's always Mind Blast.
  18. lord_yoshi

    Book buying pay from bank

    Oh man, you're going to have so much fun when thievery gets implemented.
  19. lord_yoshi

    Consider changing Skill tree for Fabricula use

    Funnily enough, in MO1 I later found out that you could open the potion window while targeting any appliance, so I set up a campfire right next to the bank to make potions. But to the thread suggestion, every other extraction in the game does not require a similar parent skill: Butchery...
  20. lord_yoshi

    Recode skill levels so we don't over invest.

    Seconding this idea, a one-click "Optimize skill levels" button or command that when activated, checks every primary skill for excess skill points and automatically reduces the level to the maximum if found. Any idea about some kind of automatic skill point management is going to be a nightmare...