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  1. lord_yoshi

    Nourishment/Cooking System Flaws and Improvement Suggestions

    This thread is to talk about the nourishment and cooking system shortcomings and how those issues should be addressed. Player Hunger Value Is Not Intuitive Player hunger is a number that normally reads from 0 to 1800, but each .01 kg unit of food eaten reduces hunger by 5. I would suggest that...
  2. lord_yoshi

    NPC Bidding Auctions to Counter Inevitable Gold Inflation

    A huge MO1 problem was the lack of real gold sinks, AKA ways to remove gold coins from the world economy. Trading gold between players just shuffles the coins around while more coins continue to collect. One potential solution is to have the server generate Auction House item listings for...
  3. lord_yoshi

    Selective Buyer NPCs Should Indicate What They Buy

    A selective buyer NPC is a vendor that buys specific items instead of gold/silver/cuprum coins, such as some of the armor book vendors. If the vendor does not indicate what they are buying, the only other way to find out how to purchase from them is to waste tons of time trying to sell them...
  4. lord_yoshi

    What Kind of Walls For Non-Keep Guilds?

    Earlier in the Discord Q&A, Henrik mentioned looking into what kind of defensive structures non-keep guilds should have access to. While almost everyone can agree that every house being walled off was not good for MO1, there is less of a consensus for how to limit house defenses. I personally...
  5. lord_yoshi

    Adjust Alchemy/Cooking Ingredient Values to Make Value Changes More Noticeable

    Currently, values are shown to the nearest hundredth. This works for Direct Healing, Healing Length, Direct Poison, and Poison Length. The problem is with Healing Over Time, Alcohol, and Poison Over Time values which are mostly under 0.02 units or are otherwise very small. I propose multiplying...
  6. lord_yoshi

    All Single Equipped Weapons Should Use Two-Handed Stamina Drain Values

    One-handed weapons currently drain way too much stamina to be useful. Weapons considered two-handed drain around two-thirds of the stamina that one-handed weapons do for the same values. Shields are pretty much required to be used with one-handed weapons, otherwise it is far more practical to...
  7. lord_yoshi

    Some Granum Rock Textures Look Too Similar To Calx Textures

    Some Granum rocks look whiter than Calx. Resources in general should have unique appearances to differentiate between them at a distance. I recommend using specific color palettes and textures to accomplish this, like dark grey for granum, light grey/white for calx, etc.