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  1. KebekLorde

    i have a few questions

    You can build your own attractor in one of the TC buildings, I forgot which one it is but Im very sure one has attractor as an option on tier 3 and bast furnace is unique and only found in Gaul Kor so you cant build that one for yourself.
  2. KebekLorde

    how to make Tindremic Attire Armor

    Either buy it on any broker or go to Meduli and find Melisar's vault dungeon, mobs inside drop painting of which you need 5 and you bring those to tindrem trader who sells the recipe for the book.
  3. KebekLorde

    The great transition from pvp-asshole-arena to community sandbox mmo

    The game's conent is dicated by community as a whole, there were votes beiing made on what the new content should be since the early begginings. Even the current roadmap was fully decided by players from vast amount of option including a lot of RP, new mechanics or further expansions to TC etc...
  4. KebekLorde

    Make the game's PVE more fun.

    If you want to run dungeon as small party without joining any of the already eastablished PvP dungeon guilds (Not even necessarily the big zergy ones), you and your friends unfortunately need the right setup, all be veelas so you can outrun the zergs and play ratty evading all the fights waiting...
  5. KebekLorde

    Is this true?

    Guards as all NPCs track by ''sound'' when they dont see you. When you are in their proximity even unseed but you can aggro them (criminal status) they will slowly start walking towards your last location when you aggroed them after then if they dont see you they go back and repeat the process...
  6. KebekLorde

    New Flux Farm problem...

    Preach, the changes would be good if they just did the QoL part of it and not messed with health and the way you banish the orbs, they either need to make it easier or revert the changes.
  7. KebekLorde

    Why Thievery Should be Exempt from the Vote and Prioritized

    As much as I would like to see thievery coming soon, it is quite likely going to be a bit more nieche then the things that are top 10 of the current vote, last roadmaps focused on a lot of mage content so footies (which are major part of the playerbase) are starved for footie content and the...
  8. KebekLorde

    Action capabilities mechanism

    There was a bug in the game some time ago that caused weird miscalculation of the action points. like you would be adding them to your skill but they wouldnt deplete and then they rapidly jumped and reduced by a lot. It was very confusing and some aspects of theses bugs might still be affecting...
  9. KebekLorde

    Thievery Removed From Roadmap

    I am a bit dissapointed but not suprised about the lack of thievery. Last 2 roadmaps favored a lot of mage content and had very litle stuff for footies so the large amount of footie community probably all voted for basically anything footie or PvP related which thievery isn't. Personally, I...
  10. KebekLorde


    I mean, you're contesting a farming spot so you should expect danger from other players and just because there is guard tower nearby doesn't mean you're invicible and should be able to free farm risk free. Also, why would you ever dismount and wait for them even if by guard tower, sounds to me...
  11. KebekLorde

    Murder Count Should be Capped

    It is intended as your actions are tied to your reputation and only way to "go back" is to delete your red character and start anew, that is intended. Even so, why would you want to go back, if you have several hunderths of murder counts, you cleary enjoy PvP and beiing red attracts more PvP...
  12. KebekLorde


    Ehh, how is there no punishment for murderes ? I would agree with you pre UE5 but now, after 10 murders your name becomes red and any blue (less that 10 murder counts) player can attack you without going criminal themselfs so as a red you bascially cant go to towns since blues will swarm you to...
  13. KebekLorde

    un-nerf spiritism

    I'd say cool idea but a bit too complex for starvault to implement. If we were going for as simple solution as possible to return spirit scouting but with a counter it would probably be a new spiritism spell that acts as a buff that makes you invisible to the spiritists for some period of time...
  14. KebekLorde

    krampus should be here "soon"!

    If that's true, the raffle bags are extremely rigged then. Imagine staying in one spot to get the cape and you can pick even 10k of them but you wont get it becauce it's not the correct type of bags. @Robmo Do you have any inside on this Robmo. I really hope that it's not the case and raffle...
  15. KebekLorde

    krampus should be here "soon"!

    Yet another year and another 1 000 raffle bags and results are again underwhelming at best. I might keep trying to get more though, what else new content do we get. Btw this is the last year's 1000 raffle bags to compare. Fairly same results.
  16. KebekLorde

    Performance Still Terrible

    Yeah I lost a big chuck of FPS too and now I get freezes from CPU beiing overtaxed, never happened on EU4 and FPS was good enough to be playable. I'll either have to get new PC or quit until the better optimise this mess of an update.
  17. KebekLorde

    Roadmap Features Ranked by Category

    I hope everyone votes for the Deva system on the main features, 1 character for current sub cost is not enough. Two characters would be far better for the sub cost, considering how annoying and long traveling can be, not to even mention that with just 1 char you're locked out of so much...
  18. KebekLorde

    Has anybody heard any word from Henrik yet about THIEVING ?

    A couple months ago he was asked on the topic and the responce was that they're busy with UE5 release so they decided to pish thievery down the line. I don't think was confitmed if it's coming next after UE5 release or if it will be an option for future content on the community vote that is...
  19. KebekLorde

    Ether scouting feedback for the future magic schools rebalancing patch

    In regards to spirit scouting that was removing some time ago. Could you please bring it back on your future patch where you go over all magic schools to balance them out and allow all spiritists with Transcedental awarness to see players again. One way you could go around it to make it balanced...
  20. KebekLorde

    Dominating Trolls

    Currently they can only be risen via ritualism, later on they are supposed to be possible to be dominated under some new conditions yet unspecified.