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    Long time no rage video...

    Well you need a mechanic that prevents The invalidation of taming as an economic profession. Thats the reason of my idea of the sacrifices mechanic. @Monco the pet advantage is very situational. My proposed resurrection mechanic would not impact direct combat balance at all, because it would...
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    Long time no rage video...

    the pet death mechanic in combination with leveling speed and how quick they die is just cruel. Immo they should let pick the player a homestable where the dead pet gets transfered after dying and make it available again after a certain cooldown and paying a fee in form of sacrificing x amount...
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    Guess its a goodbye

    Nomen est omen i guess; traveling is still dangerous enough. The game needs more players and less griefing, so this is a welcome addition.
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    GM actions invalidate hundreds of hours of legitimate work

    There is a reason he is called Spamdash. Kisses to you officer ’duli dood
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    Patch Notes discussion

    Puh, dont know how to tell you, but the melee in this game is pure dog water. That stale mouse swipe y stuff with ping normalization that makes greatswords hit ppl 10m afar is utter ridiculous, there isn’t much that could be destroyed in the first place.
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    Horse killing

    gy farm too profitable, ahahaha, you cant make that up. Classic Pzone
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    GK Valley Battle

    Haha, i like how you think of yourself as the parasite you are.
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    GK Valley Battle

    haha, with killed the mounted mage you mean, killed his horse right? classic Pzone
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    GK Valley Battle

    Haha in both videos you can see how schmuckrick contributes to such a battle, riding headless around doing nothing, haha
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    Flying Poll

    In some stream he said flying could be part of mentalism magic school, so dont worry no flying before 2030.
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    Patch Notes Discussion

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    Bounty System

    Lol Shmucky what a hypocrisy, when you do it with your murder crew its ok but if someone does it to you its a no-no. classic Shmuckrick, hilarious
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    Paladín build. Tips/builds/comments.

    I play my hybrid with about 50 str and 1h mace + shield, higher psy for more mana and magic resist. Its real fun and feels quite balanced and shines when you learn to sticky against 2h melee users. But it needs a fair amount of practice though.
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    A Tale of Two pings

    Oh man do you even fight something else than npcs?
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    Survival crafting

    Well in this case it isn’t rather surprising, considering that this suggestion is coming from a caveman. Gotta step back from that statement guess. Cheers pzone.
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    Survival crafting

    Surprisingly good suggestion Pzone!
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    Good book to read.

    Malazan Book of the Fallen - Epic/Dark Fantasy Wheel of Time - Epic Fantasy Black Company - Dark Fantasy Stormlight Archives - „colorful“ Epic Fantasy
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    Revert Horse Flag

    Who says i am a boy? Citing without source is worthless.
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    Revert Horse Flag

    You just kill horses, everybody knows that. And whats about that double Armor exploit, are you going to take position on that shmuckyboi?
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    Revert Horse Flag

    Classic shmuckrick, flees when opponents horse is down. Hilarious!