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    Weapon Swapping Scuffed

    Everything is sluggish. They need action queueing or increase input time windows, or both.
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    Morin Parkhur. 300g reward

    Lolll Shani qua has proclivity to steal. How fitting
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    Rustic cape from twitch drops.

    Honestly who cares about a white bath towel hanging over your shoulder? I wouldn't equip that if it was free.
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    From an HC gamer but a casual MO2 player

    How is the game worth your time but not worth the money? The game requires hours each play session to do anything. So how is the game worth multiple hours if not 10+ or more per month but not worth 14 dollars per month? That makes no sense bro you might need to step back and asses the value of...
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    The Game feels empty?? wtf?

    Wow i need to cry really hard am i in the right place? Sounds like it lolllll.
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    The Pathway Forward for MO2!

    Bro go away.
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    Terror Bird Bags. Where?

    A bird shouldnt have bags bro what do you think this is the land of Narnia
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    You Thought It Was OVER?

    Bro do u not use your credit card at gas stations? Gtfo of here your trolling.
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    Promised content

    Troll dicks and troll finishing moves featuring said troll dick.
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    Whats with the obsession with Wolves?

    Lol pve too hard for care bear
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    You Thought It Was OVER?

    I dont care whether its through steam or not what is it to you
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    Henrik is bringing back turncaps

    If you were bad before youll be bad after. It just shows you cant adapt.
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    Video game makers aren’t catering for gamers with disabilities, study finds

    The ones actually playing are mostly cool. Its the ones that are perma stuck in the forums complaining who have downs.
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    TC brought no valuable content

    You are mentally unwell
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    TC brought no valuable content

    Only thing your a veteran of is spamming this forum. Half of the posts on here is you. Cant imagine what kind of life you are about.
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    TC brought no valuable content

    Hello! I have carefully brainstormed and produced a full guide to fix all of your solo problems. Here it is: Git gud.
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    TC brought no valuable content

    Farthest I dip is 60 fps. Rtx 4080