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  1. Floky

    Rerolling shouldn't lose profession skills

    sadly it is the game we are playing and you are right there will be reroll tocken you will have to buy to change your char with out deleting it
  2. Floky

    Forcing players to interact with others for crafting purposes is great, but one character per account locks us to one combat playstyle.

    SV has a system in mind I would like to have more than one char per account but if it stays at one it just means I have to have more than one account subbed. I am fine with this hsveing myore skill points per char does a little because different build have different race and stat points so I...
  3. Floky

    help chat

    the fact that we have discord now goes to show why I think a global chat in game would be nice I can just chat and hang with ppl ingame all the negatives of a global chat will exist anyway because we have discord anyway
  4. Floky

    help chat

    I know, I just wish it was the very last thing I enjoy chatting with ppl and just being able to see what other ppl are doing in nice
  5. Floky

    help chat

    So I don't know the planes of sv about the game but I kinda want to keep help chat or some global chat it kinda is nice to chat with ppl
  6. Floky

    Khurite Civil War

    @Attila The Hun how did you set up that targeting at 6.37
  7. Floky

    Khurite Civil War

    get em boiz
  8. Floky

    What is Mortal Online and what makes it an unique Game. (Review)

    wow how long you been working on this
  9. Floky


    I feel like a 7 day trial would be nice so ppl can try it out and you cant lvl a char to pvp in 7 days probably get a mage out in 5 or 6 days but then you only got it for like 2 days
  10. Floky

    Just a question

    in the next few day a big update coming before 25
  11. Floky

    Original Armor Models

    I just want more stuff to craft
  12. Floky

    Original Armor Models

    I just find it hard to tell what stuff made out of in mo2 compared to mo1
  13. Floky

    Melee Counters to Mounts

    I wish I never saw this topic cuz I have to say my biased opinion about mounted fighting. For me I don't care about balance I love MA/MC/ FAT MAGE builds so having them be better than foot is a + for me. yes I can say if you make a special weapon you can dismount mounted from foot fine i can...
  14. Floky

    Was one character per account a mistake?

    I don't know man I find I would rather have sv focus on getting the game out in a playable state than try to worry about all these little things like let's get the game first
  15. Floky

    Melee Counters to Mounts

    mounted build should be better than foot on flat terrain end of the story if you argue that foots can fight mounted on terrain that favors mounts that is nuts in mo2 there is so much stuff to mess with mounted and you guys want to nerf it more I like mortal because you could do different build...
  16. Floky

    Melee Counters to Mounts

    I am a noble knight I only fight from horseback the ground is far to dirty for my noble personage
  17. Floky

    Melee Counters to Mounts

    foot have mage that is already busted 20 silver build can beat 1000g mounted build
  18. Floky

    Melee Counters to Mounts

    this does not make sense you would do more dmg on a horse than on foot with momentum plus a height advantage u have greater potential energy than any person who is on foot.
  19. Floky

    Will this computer run mortal online 2

    tried med and got more fps wtf