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    Pure Mage VS Pure Footie

    Is not only that a full footsoldier with steel armor and steel weapon cost around 150g while mage full set and regent cost almost 10 gold that why I idea about armor layer system
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    layer armor system

    ignore number 0 and 4 focus on 1 to 3 that what i am speaking off this from kingdom come game
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    layer armor system

    hello my name is goodnight I am not sure if there people who know me or not but that not what i am here for i am here to share my idea about armor layer system which focus on 2 part of body one is head and other part is rest of body the thing is i really dont like this new armor system the...
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    houses for sells

    ahello selling 2 houses on Key spots first is gnat house pm me u offer second house is eastern jungle beach for 1550g t3 small house with weapon/armor/petarmor/bow/shield/butcher table...
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    sultanate of Sarducaans

    🏠 Main City : Morin Khur 🗺️ Main Regions : EU , NA 💀 Focus : empire focus :WHO ARE WE We are the sultanate of Sarducaans, a new guild that focus on Empire build focus dealing also with the PvE aspect of the game, we like to engage with any of the contents that the game has to offer ! and to...