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  1. Mordhyrr

    Is now the right time to allow building in celaeno cave?

    Nice.. can not wait to get EQ dumped when i go in there the next time. Are the building restrictions outside around cave entrances still a thing? Last time i checked they were in place and i had to move like 100m away, kinda pointless if you can build legit in the cave itself.
  2. Mordhyrr

    JohnOldman's ID & Reroll Services

    Used John Oldman's broker service to sell a silver topaz ring for me. My only work was to walk to the postal service npc and pick up my gold. (y)
  3. Mordhyrr

    Armor Crafting Sets / Listing Sets on Broker

    Hi, i like to suggest an additional crafting item called "Armor Set". We all know the hassle of crafting and listing our "Armor Parts" and on the other side looking through the Broker for the single parts to get a whole set. My suggestion would make creating / selling / buying / storing of...
  4. Mordhyrr

    Campodon's food

    good question.. i think around the jungle camp you find a similar plant called hornpepper.. not sure if horses eat it equally to capsicum
  5. Mordhyrr

    Campodon's food

    I suggest you pick Capsicum in the jungle.. it gives way more than muse fruit (hunger/kg) and there are at least as much places to pick them all over jungle if not more than muse fruit trees.