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  1. Kaemik

    A Suggestion if 10 Minute Cooldowns are Really Intentional

    1. Make it so that rest no longer auto-ends when stats are restored (Maybe this can help with the random rest-end glitch too) 2. If a player rests for 30 seconds straight they are considered having taken a "full rest". 3. "Full rests" reset all cooldown timers. 10 minute cooldowns as the norms...
  2. Kaemik

    Mount Armor and Heavy Mounts Should be In Next Patch

    Even mounted archers are currently unplayable if they aren't arcane archers that can heal their own mounts. And mounted mages spend a huge portion of fights babysitting their mount's health. Imagine how much worse that will be when people are diving into melee on their horse. Even if you go for...
  3. Kaemik

    Updated Intelligence "Curve"

    2 days, over 1k spell casts and crap ton of pig steamed in cream later...
  4. Kaemik

    Make Healing Queue off Psyche Instead of Int

    The point of this change is this, healer/mages are awesome, and this change wouldn't remove them. There are already existing mage builds with both high psyche and int. But in general, healing should be more separated from magical damage. They should not be the same role. Where this becomes...
  5. Kaemik

    Seer (Spiritualism Secondary)

    Seer would be a new secondary under the spiritualism tree. It comes with four abilities. 1. Detect Alignment (Passive) Makes people's alignments visible to the seer. The higher their seer level the longer the range (With 100 allowing it for any player they can mouse over) 2. Reveal Alignment...
  6. Kaemik

    Mount Fall Damage

    Updated Fall Damage Calculations Fall damage calculations have been completely remade. Fall damage now scales by health points rather than a percentage of total health. This means that players with the same attributes and skills, but with more health, can survive greater falls. Fall damage is...
  7. Kaemik

    Suggestion for Int Recurve

    Break spells into three categories. Hybrid, Dex Mage, and Fat Mage. A hybrid spell is a spell meant to be strong on a hybrid. For instance corrupt and lesser heal are strong candidates for "hybrid spells". They become 90% effective at 50 making these spells very strong on a low int build. Dex...
  8. Kaemik

    Marching, A Solution to "Everyone will just play mounted the map is too big"

    Preface So realistically, a mounted rider should cover more ground per day than a footsoldier because mounts are faster. Wrong. Why did humans evolve to walk on two legs? Four legs offer more contact with the ground and power for running. Well, consider the energy needed to move two legs that...
  9. Kaemik

    A Short List on Things Broken With Taming

    I'll skip the things that are planned but not in, like the fact trading had not yet been implemented. These are the things absolutely broken in the current taming system: 1. Pathing - To expound upon this some tames (such as young razorbacks) are so bad you tell them to attack and they run the...
  10. Kaemik

    Please Change "Weak Spot Chance" To Armor Penetration

    Weak spots are attacks that completely ignore armor. Increased dex, certain weapons, and an Alvarin clade bonus all feed into this. The issue is they're unreliable. Sometimes you can get 2-3 weakspots in a single fight and it may turn the outcome in your favor. Other times you can go multiple...
  11. Kaemik

    Daily Reminder, Khurites Are Entirely Useless

    To quote my recent race guide: "Khurites are the fastest race of humans while also having good strength and constitution. That being said, Kallards are better in every physical stat except speed. On top of this, they have an abysmally low attribute total. Given the only minor differences in...
  12. Kaemik

    Building a Character in MO2 – Attributes, Races, Age and Fatness

    Text Guide Planned Improvements: 1. Add pictures to post. Including replacement of links to pictures with embedded images. 2. Have editor review for spelling/grammatical issues.
  13. Kaemik

    Character Naming Conventions

    ((This is an OOC thread but I thought it best to place it here given it is purely related to lore and community RP. If moderators feel the need to move this I would suggest moving it to the not yet created Lore section ;) )) Mats has expressed a desire for the community to be somewhat involved...
  14. Kaemik

    Your Dream Crafting System

    ((I realize these ideas will likely never happen, still a fun discussion)) I've actually said in other games multiple times before, for me the holy grail of a crafting system would be a hybrid of Wurm Online, Mortal Online, and Dark Messiah. Wurm Online in that Wurm takes work. Because of...
  15. Kaemik

    Ohgmir are the Lighest Clade in The Game

    This is important because Henrik says that lighter weight builds will have advantages when mounted and be more easily able to play light cav builds. Currently, weight seems to be entirely a function of fatness/height. This isn't ENTIRELY confirmed but it is confirmed thanks to some info from...
  16. Kaemik

    Melee Counters to Mounts

    Polearms + 200% damage to mounts and 100% more likely to dismount on normal attacks if on foot. This is reduced to 100% more damage and 50% more dismount chance if mounted. Lances are treated as a polearm for this ability. No bonus to spears. Spear stance - Takes 1 second and 50 stamina to...
  17. Kaemik

    Spell Range Demonstration

    Quick video I figured was easy to knock out while testing other things. Just a visual demonstration of all the different ranges at which spells cap out.
  18. Kaemik

    Race and Attribute Data Compilation

    This is the date I compiled for my guide on races and attributes. Figured I'd keep this list public as it contains a lot of useful info for people. Attributes Strength Damage Stamina Carry Weight Armor Weight Bow Draw Dexterity Stamina: See Strength Jump and Sprint Constitution 1...
  19. Kaemik

    Race Bonuses Suggestions

    For a long time I've been saying we need race bonuses in addition to clade bonuses to help set the races apart. This is a sentiment I've seen echoed by MANY people in this community as well. I'm going to give a complete list of a potential bonus set for every race. These bonuses are aimed at...
  20. Kaemik

    Clade Gifts - My Next Spreadsheet Project

    As many of you may already know. I want to map out all the data relevant to a new player making a character and create a comprehensive video+text guide on it. I believe this will help many newbs deal with the frustration of coming in and choosing a race that's non-viable for the type of build...