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  1. Angelo

    Is the subscription payment active?

    Subscription should start after UE5 release. I don't think it will happen this year.
  2. Angelo

    Fish encyclopedia

  3. Angelo

    JohnOldman's Trinket Research

    Not for now, maybe later. And if so, nobody knows when.
  4. Angelo


    Yes. Maybe in two months or in two years :(
  5. Angelo

    Fish encyclopedia

  6. Angelo

    Fish encyclopedia

    True. I heard there was some Legendary Canna bellow 4 kg. This is Ventriosus above 3 kg it def should be legendary. I think you have found another bug :)
  7. Angelo

    Fish encyclopedia

    Nice. Was that Legendary?
  8. Angelo

    Introduce a third type of points: (!!)

    About Taming, it's timeless fight about it needs to be action or profession skill. SV idea is that its action skill because you can use the pets in PvP fights, which is useless imho, or better to say not optimized atm. If you are using pets for PvE then taming should be profession skill.
  9. Angelo

    Fish encyclopedia

    I can see you did not checked first posts in this thread. ;) Oh sry, my bad. It's sand ray. Yes it's the record. Gratz.
  10. Angelo

    TC and server capacity nightmare.

    I hope I am wrong, but I think it will be same as on release. Too much players, queue, SV will add more alt servers, people will start to quit, less population, removing alt servers, low population, one server.
  11. Angelo

    Yanek asks for help in solving an important issue ;)

    Royal Traders needs you to help everyone else ;)
  12. Angelo

    Why hasn't pet pathing been fixed yet?

    Combat pets can be good for PvE but then all skills in Domestication should be profession skills instead of action.
  13. Angelo

    Ya'll frickin' KILLED IT!

    I am playing on GFN and I can't see any difference in weather. Sometimes I hear it's raining butt here is no clouds and there is no rain. Sometimes I can see the rain drops without any raining sounds and without dark clouds. Never experienced storm or blizzard, it's just same as before. There is...
  14. Angelo

    Kramposs Buccus event 2022, list of raffale bag items.

    So far, for me it's like this: 3% chance that you will get something else then silver. Every raffle bag will give you 1 or 2 silver. Every 30 raffle bag will give you something more. I got Cuprum transmutation flux, plate scales, dense crepite, bandages, cuprum/coral ring x2, small rough...
  15. Angelo

    7 deadly sins of MMO design and mortal online 2

    Interesting. lust - no gluttony - no greed - no sloth - no wrath - yes envy - yes pride - yes
  16. Angelo

    Butchering Fishes - Can you get Scales???

    Idk if it's bug or is it intended, there is no Leptoid and Placoid scales lore books. You can learn them through action, butchering Laake, Skull Kua, Silk ray and Sand ray and level up by crafting swords I think, it uses only 3 units of scales per sword.
  17. Angelo

    Ichor Apotheciarum

    Are you selling weight loss potions? We need one guy to loose 27 kg. Is that possible? How much would that cost?
  18. Angelo

    Royal Bank Of Tindrem the most famous transporting service.

    Ok mate. Tnx for explaining :D and tnx for bump :D
  19. Angelo

    Royal Bank Of Tindrem the most famous transporting service.

    I am sorry I don't understand this. Can you please explain, what you mean by "run it back" ? Thank you.