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  1. Awamory

    [RUS] SoloWay - гильдия соло-игроков и обучающий MO2 сервер

    English version is here - SoloWay - это необычная гильдия в мире Mortal Online, которая объединяет миролюбивых игроков, предпочитающих бОльшую часть времени играть соло. Вы можете жить где угодно на карте. Вы можете участвовать или НЕ участвовать в ивентах гильдии...
  2. Awamory

    SoloWay Guide - how to start and play in Mortal Online 2

    4. Every city - your in game base As you travel the world, build your savings in cities. Ideally, you should be able to arrive in any blue city as a ghost, equip yourself, arm yourself, take your pet, and go about your business. Carrying your equipment constantly between cities is a bad idea...
  3. Awamory

    SoloWay Guide - how to start and play in Mortal Online 2

    The author does not claim to have the ultimate truth; all recommendations are based on both his own experience playing solo and his experience in guilds in the world of MO1 and MO2, as well as his experience in teaching newcomers from scratch within guilds created by the author. The author...
  4. Awamory

    DrakonPickers [DP]: solo/friendly guild providing services in CC

    Nice idea!:) Bdw it is right that my nickname is something like Okinawa drink?:)
  5. Awamory

    SoloWay guild - the guild for solo players and educational MO2 server

    SoloWay is an unusual guild in the Mortal Online world, which brings together peaceful players who prefer to play solo most of the time. You can live anywhere on the map. You can participate or NOT participate in SoloWay guild events. By default we are neutral / friendly for ALL guilds /...
  6. Awamory

    Butchering Fishes - Can you get Scales???

    Do we have placoid scales book in game now?
  7. Awamory

    Game's principles / mechanics and game's zones

    Hello, these are just my suggestions, just basic principles. Of course it will be a good idea to develop it deeply, more detailed, but it should be a big job, not just a forum post, it is just a template. What should I do if I’d like to get a popular game like MO2? Principles: 1. The game...
  8. Awamory

    Mortal Online Academy invites you

    Ahoy everybody! It’s time to introduce the Mortal Online Academy discord! It is NOT just a separate guild, it is an unofficial community with one main purpose – to teach new and sometimes old players how to do… whatever they want in Mortal Online 2 World. It is something like MO2 discord-wiki...
  9. Awamory

    Icons - mute in game sound / voice

    Hello, my small suggestion. I play MO2 without in game sound very often, doing RL things / listening to music etc... And it is annoying then everybody tries to say something in game by voice, I have to write very often "text please" or something like it. And there are players who can't speak /...
  10. Awamory

    Mouse wheel and safer cities

    My question was about technical issues - how to use mouse better for character's actions. About safe cities - it was an old post from Oct 5, 2021 And yes, I don't think blue cities are quite safe, but it is ok personally for me. I can even live in red cities if I want it:) But I still have a...
  11. Awamory

    Mouse wheel and safer cities

    Hi, I'd like to ask again about... with 3. click and drag mouse right / left for right / left hit or block / parry 4. Mouse wheel forward and press right mouse button - down parry 5. Mouse wheel backward and press right mouse button - overhead parry I think it would be more convenient ...
  12. Awamory

    Mouse wheel and safer cities

    Hi everybody. Is it possible to add something like 1. Mouse wheel forward and press left mouse button - piercing strike 2. Mouse wheel backward and press left mouse button - overhead strike? I think it is more convenient then use ALT etc. And the second suggestion. I have seen a lot of...
  13. Awamory

    Are you concerned about the infrequency of updates?

    The main issue for me is awful desynchronisation. I'm ready to support the game as much as I can even now with lack of content, but... I live in the EU, but I can't do PVE and PVP. I thought it is my fault, I'm very bad in it, but I have seen videos from Wolfszeit and other players. "Their...
  14. Awamory

    Random feedback

    My point there are different play styles and different purposes for any type of playstyle. If you would like to be a tank / Knight with heavy armor, is it ok, but yes, you should be slower than people in light / medium armor or you can use mount. Why people won't use heavy armor in this case...
  15. Awamory

    Are you concerned about the infrequency of updates?

    I'm euro player and I have the same issue, I have damage from almost each player during PVP before they've even swung on my screen. Or they can teleport to me and out very fast, I can't see where they are, I don't tell even about attack's direction:) And I have double strike from each npc if it...
  16. Awamory

    Lightbeam to search our body / loot after death

    By the way sometimes it is hard to me to find even any npc's loot in game (even just killed), especially if it is at night. And it is unhealthy for eyesight to stare in dark monitor (hi from people after 40s), huh. Maybe it would be a great idea to color loot of pets / npc as well (especially...
  17. Awamory

    Bandit / Risar souls as moving dummies

    Hi, my idea about how to improve player's skills in game. Opportunity to buy / craft stone with soul of Bandit / Vet Bandit / Risar / etc... You can fight with it, the soul can hit you as usual npc (you can see how much with Damage assestment) BUT you health won't decrease. The same for...