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  1. Nefnate

    Press Extractor Doesn't Allow Muse Fruit

    You sure this is an issue? isnt muse fruit banana? Banana IRL are not able to be juiced due to lack of liquid content.
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    Your Favorite Songs

  3. Nefnate

    Anti-aliasing option greyed out?

    You probably have DLSS on or whatever it is called, below it. They share function so they cannot be used at the same time.
  4. Nefnate

    Risen tourdogs and Direwolves need a nerf

    They just need to require cc and adv cc to stop every build from adding it
  5. Nefnate

    Strength does not level up it turns to red

    You are skinny. You have negative points to your Strength because of it. Eventually it'll level up as you lower Psyche.
  6. Nefnate

    weather system is local to client

    Pretty sure this is a complaint that is asking SV to fix it, as players are experiencing substantial delays on sync'd weather.
  7. Nefnate

    My take on Mana potions

    Oghmir fat mages with potion util and clade say whaaaaaatttt
  8. Nefnate

    Henrik stream 20 fps its okay ?

    I had 60~ fps at the event with 2080 super.
  9. Nefnate

    I unspecced cooking:

    Yes, it should work like this but can also be more complex rather easily. There are some base formulas / reactions that take place in cooking science between different types of ingredients, if those were added in, and ingredients added to pools of applicable type, you could make cooking a lot...
  10. Nefnate

    Paladins/Deathknights & Mages: Resting & Mana Regen

    I think there is room for expansion on the skill. Mediation is an intentional practice, afterall, not just sitting down to rest. Give it a new skill icon called Mediation, it works like rest and with rest related bonuses, but you close your eyes. Your character shuts their eyes, but the mana...
  11. Nefnate

    Pressing "Login", says "Logging in", and then that modal closes with no outcome. Huh?

    The servers are down for a hotfix right now. They are bad at communicating with this forum. The official Discord is where you want to leave a pair of eyes for things like this.
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    A man of the people.

    A man of the people.
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    REQ Exploiting Troll With Gold Farmers - GM`S Do Nothing - State Of MORTAL ONLINE 2

    Hopefully something comes of your recording and assertion.
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    I agree, and add that there could be cosmetic or literal bonuses to the characters with the top and lowest, like a cape, or access to a special vender or area.
  15. Nefnate

    @Emdash those are all pay to 'win' additions, I hope I don't need to explain why.

    @Emdash those are all pay to 'win' additions, I hope I don't need to explain why.
  16. Nefnate

    Push Keybind

  17. Nefnate

    October Ban Report

    I didn't confuse the point, I just avoided it, honestly. We all know the game is shaky and exploitable. It isn't getting fixed, least not for a long time. The core code needs to be bullet proofed and error checked. The daunting task is likely not going to happen so I'm taking wins where there...
  18. Nefnate

    October Ban Report

    Rather than complain or dissect the numbers, I for one am simply happy to see high numbers. Exploitation/hack and high-end player have been synonymous in MO since I joined the game, and if that turns around and results in most of the games existing veteran population being shot to the curb...
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    Excerpts from Nef's Journal - a prolonged thread.

    I have found myself having many adventures in Myrland. Some bloody, some beautiful. Some both. -- Rather than find myself with ink and parchment (which, by all accounts, I have had many things to record), I find myself moving on. I wonder if I am being reclusive, or, if I find myself...
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    Pets vs Melee

    What if you (and I know this is going to be a lot to process), slowed down and actually read the post? You are immediately hostile and attacking something that wasn't even said. The OP is primarily complaining about the grind that is leveling up pets, and their longevity. They even openly...