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  1. Rhias

    UE5 DLSS Upscale not available

    I googled a bit and most people claim that it's not avilable for the 10XX series. However, I've check an old UE4 video of mine and there it was available. Strange. Since UE5 upgrade I've got a lot of flickering in all kind of shadows. I tested TSR in Ultra Quality with TSR Quality Epic and I've...
  2. Rhias

    UE5 DLSS Upscale not available

    Hey, anyone got an idea why DLSS Upscaling is not available for me? Running a Geforce 1080ti. IMHO TSR looks like crap.
  3. Rhias

    Roadmap Features Ranked by Category

    IMHO they should rework Necromancy before adding new magic schools. Elementalism got a much more advanced system to controll AOE spells then Necro.
  4. Rhias

    Roadmap Features Ranked by Category

    When I think about mounts that climb all hills like goats I've got the impression SV learned nothing at all. MO2 is even more mounted zerk friendly than MO1 was.
  5. Rhias

    Roadmap Features Ranked by Category

    I guess old MO1 Vets remeber how weapon skills were implemented in MO1. Utterly broken. Getting one shotted by triple strike or dual strike just ruined the combat. And other skills like the spear stance never worked properly.
  6. Rhias

    A comprehensive pet feedback thread

    Reminds me of my first experience with the spider pull skill. At the beginning I was really hyped to try it out. Then the first shock: your pet needs max focus to trigger the skill. So basically your pet needs to be in meele distance to pull the enemy. So basically only useful for fleeing...
  7. Rhias

    A comprehensive pet feedback thread

    Most larger pets such as camadons or elder terror birds basically walk into their target and block your total sight of it. It is really hard to focus the target to trigger a skill.
  8. Rhias

    October 2023 Ban Report

    It's 1600 people being online at a single time vs in total 200+ banned. Your statement sounds like you think 200+ out of 1600 were banned, which would be incorrect, since the total population is much higher than 1600.
  9. Rhias

    Supporter Pack Now Available - Link In Post

    I think quite a few people were hoping for a MO1 Veteran title and cape. Henrik hinted several times that there will be some kind of "legacy" system for the archivement of your MO1 character. Bringing now a new "cheap" package with a cape while giving nothing to the players who paid 150$ for...
  10. Rhias

    Combat pets need removed or mega reworked

    Thanks for correcting me. My mistkae.
  11. Rhias

    Combat pets need removed or mega reworked

    That sounds indeed op. I've also been ganked in the past by mounted mages with pet, but I never experienced that much damage. My level 125 Terror Bird does about 35 damage on mage armor. And it consumes 90+ pet points, so I can't have a horse.
  12. Rhias

    Combat pets need removed or mega reworked

    I wonder if you can enlighten me which 3+ combat pets in addition to a horse are able to insta nuke full steel? If you got a level 1 horse you will be able to fit in 3 level 45 wolves. Might be deadly for a mage, but should hardly do a scratch on steel.
  13. Rhias

    SoloWay Guide - how to start and play in Mortal Online 2

    Nice guide. If would start with MO2 from scratch I would do the following for my first character: Goal: "PVP ready" as fast as possible with cheap regear possibilities. Target build: Footfighter + Archery (It's hard to PVE solo with a mage and I wouldn't recommend it any beginner. Will lead...
  14. Rhias

    Outlaw Spawns

    I like the outlaw spawns. In the last few weeks it's actually the only thing I did in mortal. Logged in, run a parcel between Bakti and MohKi and checked the usuall outlaw spawns.
  15. Rhias

    MO1: Active players reading this? Walled off jungle in Sarducaa by guild Cong/Kingdom/KungFooRamp

    All thos lockpickabe chests must be overflowing, with barely any players around... The good old Sarducaa Jungle Fighting...
  16. Rhias

    Henrik is bringing back turncaps

    It felt amazin in Beta. :sick: Can't wait to get it back. But hey, if you want to do small scale just get a combat pet and a mounted fat mage.
  17. Rhias

    Top 1vx Footie clade/Race?

    The issue is that as soon as you get a somewhat skilled enemy on low life they will start parrying all your hits and you will have a hard time getting any damage through... And then, if they got a mage that heals them... Game over for you. :D
  18. Rhias

    Top 1vx Footie clade/Race?

    Dungeon or open world? In dungeons I think Thursar. Superior damage and high passive regeneration + lifesteal. Outsite of dungeons mounted fatmages are a realy pain in the ass for Thursars. So probably Veela there. Decent psy and good speed to reset fights. But with the lower damage bonus and...
  19. Rhias

    Audio breaks in large f ights

    When there are 100+ people in one fight my audio breaks. Most sound effects just stay mute. I can hear a few random sounds e.g. one horse walking but not really many. No getting damaged sound, no walking sound, no weapon drawing, release or hit sounds, no spell sounds, etc... Am I the only one...