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  1. Highlander

    Nation standings and new safe zone.

    always? game was dead
  2. Highlander

    for info 2k

    for info 2k
  3. Highlander

    Roadmap Features Ranked by Category

    we need lockpicking and thievery, more chests around the world. we need more solo content for sure, while big guilds lock dungeons. Then DEVA system. deva system for 1 time buy for extra slot. as a red main, i need a blue toon for town trades.. even without professional points.
  4. Highlander

    Why Guilds Will Quit (To Henrik)

    same story of mo1, north rich exploiter in oghmium, and south poor men in animal armors enjoy the jungle. looks like SV prefers to stuck exploiter only in 1 zone, to avoid mass rmt guild lol
  5. Highlander

    Is there a plan to nerf magic soon?

    im just saying nerf offensive spells range and buff heal range. for a better balance. rest is ok
  6. Highlander

    Risen tourdogs and Direwolves need a nerf

    all pets attack should hit for "blocked" if a warrior is holding a giant towershield in a sort of defensive stance waiting for heals, ik you can perfect parry attacks but usully there are multiple pets, dogs, wolves pack, zombies attacking only 1 target. would be really nice to just stand still...
  7. Highlander

    Is there a plan to nerf magic soon?

    1. in most fights you cant just pull out a bow without being focused instantly by another melee or the same mage with ws daggers. and equip/unequip bow melee swap takes ages. 2. mages have around 160-190 mana and can cast more than 5 TL and no.. they dont hit only for 45, mages with 110+ int hit...
  8. Highlander

    Risen tourdogs and Direwolves need a nerf

    nothing, u just need ritualism and $
  9. Highlander

    Risen tourdogs and Direwolves need a nerf

    risen pets/ritualism is broken, human tindremic can use 125 risen horse 125 taur dog , sword, zombies.. cmon ahah. they should add atleast another 100primary points to use them.
  10. Highlander

    Is there a plan to nerf magic soon?

    im not talking about damage, but a spell range reduction on offensive spells, maybe reduce -30% range of dmg spells and give +10%range on heals. calculating the distance for a mage is the only skill for them, they just hover mouse and 1 click pets otherwise. just look at mental projectile...
  11. Highlander

    Is there a plan to nerf magic soon?

    ironically the most dangerous and feared enemie for all no-alvarians are the naked mages, they jump run swimm faster than anyone and have insane range of thunderlash that hit 45 on psy fighters and 60 on 10psy fighters. u can kill them only in in a plain without trees, stones , water. naked with...
  12. Highlander

    Not bad SV, not bad at all

    mo2 is still one of the most interesting game on the market if you are looking for players interactions, anxiety and excitement.
  13. Highlander

    The TC Influence could have an impact on rare mobs

    go up in north and conquer theyr keep if there are more resources and poi.
  14. Highlander

    Pure Mage VS Pure Footie

    its all about combat speed / gear / weapons. to many variables. e.g. a full geared thursar without a bow will die in 30 sec against a naked mage, or a mage will always die to a veela ff
  15. Highlander

    Multiple Spawn Points/Warp Gates/Something

    im ok with no fast traveling, and ok to ghosting town to town.. we just need an UI window when ghost traveling showing us wich one is the nearest priest , how many times i try to ghost from bakti to fab lets say,,try to nearestpriest and spawns me to vadda. let us check the nearest priest...
  16. Highlander

    Multiple Spawn Points/Warp Gates/Something

    they should add doneky spawn everywhere ahah, slow mounts ready to tame around the world
  17. Highlander

    Why so fast furnace and crusher work?

    make ogh cron fraster lol
  18. Highlander

    Ohgmir Devour Clade Gift

    it helps u to be always hungry, bcause oghmir must always eat after crackpipes
  19. Highlander

    0 skill builds with 0 risk

    just think about it, slow pet and buff hp, tamers are happy and pvper wont be mad. (especially 123dex veelas).