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  1. Emdash

    TC brought no valuable content

    It's incomprehensible. There must be more information that we don't know. Something is happening that benefits SV... haha. It's not player count. It's not the game getting better. Maybe they are running the actual RMT :o :o I might need to go to discord and talk to Henrik. ahaha. Dude I got so...
  2. Emdash

    Top 1vx Footie clade/Race?

    This game combat is so trash, the idea that they wanted to make it more skill based so you can 1vx was just sooo misguided. It would be diff if you could just run around and smash everyone down when they were 10 feet overextended (that's the kind of 1vx that happens in most games, kite then when...
  3. Emdash

    Henrik is bringing back turncaps

    There's nothing wrong with this if they fix the game loool. If you need unblockables or spins it's still a shitshow. MAN, it makes me wanna pull my hair, they got this game where you can effectively move and swing in a way where you dodge their attack and just clip someone with the an upswing...
  4. Emdash

    Directional Shield Blocking/Parry (Fix)

    yo I had a dream I was playing MO, I guess from posting on the forum the other day. So I'm gonna do some massive shitposting while I drink coffee haha. They should really remove tower shields from the game. I fail to see why that is a good mechanic in any way. There's no way they balanced the...
  5. Emdash

    Why Guilds Will Quit (To Henrik)

    ahaha, some people have tried. I think that's why devs are hiding on discord?
  6. Emdash

    Guild Supply current problem and its solution

    "It is essential that a sandbox game allows and encourages different playstyles, and by giving players the tools to interact with each other and benefits each other you create a true sandbox that will grow in population and flourish." Yeah, but... that happens organically in A GOOD GAME. It...
  7. Emdash

    TC brought no valuable content

    the thing is that even tho their product was flawed at the start, they continue to make it worse. That's the part that will make me come back to the forum. Let's see how MO has gotten worse! haha. STOP MAKING THE GAME WORSE. It's like... it's hard to even comprehend how it is possible. There are...
  8. Emdash


    I came back and the forum died. Other-than sophistication stuff, I didn't do anything 'new' for the game in my whoooole lifetime, but I did stick around and help pump up the world. SO, I got yall on one more then I'm going to leave. Like I always say, send me an e-mail when you fix this game...
  9. Emdash

    Notes on the New Player Experience

    yea like 40 hours. haha. That's the real world definition of "a few days." And like you said that's not without waiting for certain books. It's not just travel cuz you gotta hit break points that are easier to read than spam (unless you are super rich.) That's just combat and reg gear crafting...
  10. Emdash

    The Double Feature: To Kill A Manganon & The Star Walker

    I watched! Karnifarm. Wanted to see some battles after Rhias talked about sound issues in big battles. I remm getting into a big argument with a guild leader (cruel/thievery) over Karni. He was like nah nah, once siege comes in Karni is gonna get that keep and let us use GK. It's like I DUNNO...
  11. Emdash

    The Difference Between Fast Travel and NOT:

    A lot of us have suggested various priest 'teleport scenarios,' and most people agree that is game breaking, not in the spirit of MO, and even have thrown out the word fast travel. I want to go on record, and I am assuming other people ( who actually play the game lul) will back me up here...
  12. Emdash

    Notes on the New Player Experience

    Exactly what I was trying to say haha. I really think it needs to be addressed. That's why I am anti-haven, but, again, there is the dirty secret that once you sink in a certain amount of time, you can't refund the game... sooo... it could be purposeful, it could be not. WE JUST DON'T KNOW. And...
  13. Emdash

    Eternal Wars:

    this is probably how you make other people feel. I've learned to embrace the fact that I can just type how I feel and people get super mad. Haha. Hey, posts from when I played! Too bad I deleted all those vids. I really should stop deleting all my vids when I quit games. DA MEMES.
  14. Emdash

    Spell Leveling: change fumble chance to reduced damage/duration

    I dunno about the new cheese magikz but there's no real reason why you shouldn't have to read a book for like 2 hrs then cast the spell 10x to get 100, haha. These dudes are supposedly intelligent. If anything, moderate fizzle should be the only downside, like 5% total extra fizzle chance from...
  15. Emdash

    Notes on the New Player Experience

    haha, don't worry, I will prol be gone soon, and you can go back to trolling people who try to make suggestions. For now, let the magic happen. I HAVE A DREAM... MORTAL 2 CAN BE GOOD. Read the OP, stop talking about New World, and figure out what is happening here. <3
  16. Emdash

    Notes on the New Player Experience

    No doubt! I'm glad that someone finally noticed how I am indeed an artist. I am also mentally ill! You can refer to the 2 brainz thread I made. I didn't explain it so well, but I think I did enough. Once you entertain enough possibilities at once, especially when each possibility is a more...
  17. Emdash

    When Will TC Animal Farm Will Be Release?

    haha, post it in the lore section. This is what MO is missing :( Animal Farms, which btw... IMO farming would be for CROPS and CROP farms were also exploited because they didn't need to be in any special area, just whatever, where-ever... were indeed exploited for goldfarm. The best parts were...
  18. Emdash

    Notes on the New Player Experience

    Melhi is the dude w/ the Amish Icon, ah he and Malm are indeed buds! Haven is trash. I claded up there on one of my chars just to see, and man it took HOURS. Who the hell wants to farm/skill for 30-40 hours in some instance? It's easy to find an empty place, though. HAVEN IS TRASH. The vast...
  19. Emdash


    If I could choose, I would say haven is actually the worse of the two. I dunno if you played pre-haven, but it was a different game. For all of the talk about one world server and stuff, haven flies in the face of that. At its best, Haven was a gold farm exploit. For some players it allowed them...
  20. Emdash

    TC is here but where are the players?

    lol there was that one dude w/ the Amish icon, and this guy reminds me of him. I wonder if some of these are like dev alts. ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO WHAT I AM SAYING? It's probably true that it's not going to happen, but there is no reason why. Nobody here is BAD. The game is SAD. Most people...