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  1. Tehmudjin

    Been Nr 1 since 2011. Always on top, never missed an arrow. But sometimes I aim for the ground.

    Been Nr 1 since 2011. Always on top, never missed an arrow. But sometimes I aim for the ground.
  2. Tehmudjin

    Urmothar Tribe recruits Alvarins to fight the round-ears!

    Urmothâr, meaning "New Jungle Lands", is the home continent of the Alvarins. On a continent far, far away, the Urmothâr Tribe has grown sick of living under the boot of the tyrannical Tindremic Empire, or the Khurites. It is time for us to cleanse the lands of the lesser clades and subdue them...
  3. Tehmudjin

    Bounty System Fixes

    Lets start small. 1: If you succeed in a contract, you get your 5g back. 2: If the target goes offline, contract cooldown resets and you can turn your contract in for a new one, no charge. The vast majority of all contracts ends with the guy logging off because it takes so long to travel to him.
  4. Tehmudjin

    Alvarin Roleplay Guild with humor!

    Greetings, citizens of Nave! I would like to know if there are any roleplayers out there that would like to start a brand new guild from the ground up. As we play we will develop a background lore to our guild as well as our individual background stories. We will have guild titles such as...
  5. Tehmudjin

    Free to play period

    There isnt a "Haven f2p button" he can just push and it happens. Thats why.
  6. Tehmudjin

    This is my status.

    This is my status.
  7. Tehmudjin

    Feedback housing system.

    Dude, you said it yourself. If you choose to get low standing with every single faction, use unguarded towns. They have all the NPCs you need. Or you could farm your standing right back up with a faction. Or you could not ruin your standing in the first place. You know perfectly well that its...
  8. Tehmudjin

    Feedback housing system.

    What are you on about? Plenty of red guilds lived out of their houses in MO1 myself included.
  9. Tehmudjin

    Feedback housing system.

    The ability to ress in your house is not nearly as important as being able to place workbenches. Right now a house is just a box with a chest. You cant live out of a house yet. I will tell you why this is a huge threat to the early success of the game. There is a great interest for MO2 on...
  10. Tehmudjin

    Map Balancing

    The advantage with putting these resources in a corner is that it requires players to invest in living in, or traveling far to, this area to even compete for them. It creates a high tier area for high tier guilds. If you place it all in the middle of the map it will be less of an investment of...
  11. Tehmudjin

    What do you play Mortal Online 2 for?

    Wheres the "Its my only chance to get closer to Tehmudjin" option? Let be real.
  12. Tehmudjin

    About ARPK Guilds

    And with this definition, the only thing that differetiate an RPK guild from a non RPK guild is the length of the lists and not the playstyle.
  13. Tehmudjin

    About ARPK Guilds

    RPK, ARPK, Its just labels some guilds put on themselves, it means nothing. All guilds are truly RPK. Always gas been.
  14. Tehmudjin

    Remove skill cap for crafting

    I get his point. Exploring a profession is fun and I feel like im missing out if i only get to do one of them. Its like picking a dungeon and only get to do that one. Im not so sure that it would Hurt the market to let players have 2-3 professions. The reason to buy gear is not that you cant...
  15. Tehmudjin

    Least common professions?

    Me too. No homo
  16. Tehmudjin

    Least common professions?

    There were professions for house decoration such as carpentry, tailoring, taxidermy, tinkering etc. Didnt see a lot of those items being sold. Maybe open Tindrem IKEA?
  17. Tehmudjin

    Non Full Loot PvP Server for Filthy Casuals please

    I think you dont understand the point of this game.
  18. Tehmudjin

    Single Price (for early purchasers) Instead of Subscription

    Fortnite is designed to be a casual game that can be played once week, with an expected constant flow of new players coming in and old players leaving, thus a one time payment is a viable payment method. Mortal Online 2 is a very niche hardcore game that is anything but casual and take a lot of...
  19. Tehmudjin

    Mercy Mode Bypass - Poll

    TLDR: "Let a player enter mercymode only if he take damage 20 damage or less past 0 HP. If more, he instadies" Idd make it 5 hp tho.
  20. Tehmudjin

    Do not Tie Clade Gifts to things like farming Risars.

    ANd the reason is that until youve completed your char, you will have a disadvantage in PvP. Imagine joining a baseball club but instead of a bat you can only use a tiny stick that gradually grows over time. To be forced to play with a stick is nothing but frustrating, and the games wont be...