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  1. Vaith

    Myrland could be a nice place,

  2. Vaith

    Removing spinning cause 1 month streamers cant read attacks

    Wtf? This will render Hemeths 3000 hours into practising the conceal swings useless? How can they do this?! THE STREAMERS CANT KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT!!!
  3. Vaith

    Capturing and caging players

    Unemployed player be like
  4. Vaith

    JohnOldman's ID & Reroll Services

    i didnt get scammed (y)
  5. Vaith

    Full loot but not really? Remake trinckets

    if the trinkets are to be full loot then they need to rework them because whats the point of for example amulets giving primary skills if its super temporary, its a thing you build your points around. Also when Starvault has inplemented something they dont revert it as could be seen in mo1...
  6. Vaith

    American server needed Stop making these threads already, thanks.
  7. Vaith

    List the game at 19.99 on Steam

    Henrik and the board are probably browsing this forum for Financial and Business advice, Keep it coming this is good stuff
  8. Vaith

    MO1 is only free to try. You cant play without full primary points.

    MO1 is only free to try. You cant play without full primary points.
  9. Vaith

    Leaving a message at someone's doorstep

    costs too much on the server
  10. Vaith

    Skadite Ring SOLD

    I want it to pair with my 4 raw dex trinket. I think you can get over 10k gold for this ring but you probably need to type in russian
  11. Vaith

    Prepatch Trinkets

    People with prepatch Luck trinkets are getting pretty good loot
  12. Vaith

    Prepatch Trinkets

    All the good trinkets locked behind zerg-content
  13. Vaith

    Hey PKs - use mercy mode to ransom. It will help keep players around, and has benefits for you.

    Many times when you try to tell someone to drop their loot they just start deleting everything and if you hit them every 6 sec to avoid them deleting they just panic instead and u have to kill them anyway.
  14. Vaith


    Heh.. you guys think you have the 1-5th first legendary weapons crafted? think again i was first. :cool:
  15. Vaith

    Door Interaction Timer (POLL)

    My guild didnt live in Meduli, and they enjoyed removed guards, they did however Wardec Koto in Meduli - and you paid us to stop. (After crying about it, hard)
  16. Vaith

    Door Interaction Timer (POLL)

    You must be very excited for Kuthara to tell you 'Good job lurch' For making this post and voting what he commanded.
  17. Vaith

    Door Interaction Timer (POLL)

    The guards are in Meduli to protect the koto large scale pvp guild, no protection for small groups in the wilderness tho, their doors should be breakable
  18. Vaith

    Door Interaction Timer (POLL)

    Ok And why does koto feel like they need to large scale pvp 2 people at their house and that they shouldnt be able to close the door
  19. Vaith

    Door Interaction Timer (POLL)

    This may be news to you.. but the game cant handle more than 1600 players, and it doesnt even reach that cap. And it is not a Large scale siege warfare simulator But i can see KOTO thinking that it is. MO is a sandbox mmo with playerdriven economy.
  20. Vaith

    Door Interaction Timer (POLL)

    Idk what kind of problems you have with griefers near towns. My assets are not close to Town. My problem is doing content near my house, be it PvE or PvP and my house offers 0 protection because its either 5 sec to open the door or close the door, So what you are asking as a Zerg is a 100% of...