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    Space Thursars

    well, a sucker is born every day as they say. Don't worry, this new space game is going to be the best MMORPG ever this time. I wonder how many times people need to get scammed by developers overselling their games and underdelivering before they catch on. Probably never
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    Spiritism: Allow Spiritists to "Spirit Bind" equipped Weapons and Armor.

    a game called Crowfall did something like that where you'd only lose durability on death, but dropped all your other loot. The problem was that gatherers were risking everything, while attackers were risking nothing. People always say 'well they risk their time being wasted', but idc about that...
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    Pet dying starving no matter what I do

    pets are for larping, nowhere near worth the time investment / risk compared to other combat roles
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    Elementalist - Race, Starting Stats, General Info?

    because it depends on how you play the game. There is no one master build. Want to have a lot of hp and mana, but move really slowly on foot? Oghmir fat mage, want to be slightly worse but move faster on foot? Sheevra fat mage, or skinny mage and have no hp but move faster, or larp and play a...
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    How Long should Sarducaa bridge be?

    Ideally 30-45 minutes by boat travel, but well, you know it'll probably take 5 years before boats are added
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    Mortal closes a few seconds after login

    This happens to me every time i update the game. You need to go to steam, file properties, check missing files, and repair. Seems like the patching just isn't that good and always breaks the install, so when you try to login it assumes you're cheating or something and closes
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    Why hasn't pet pathing been fixed yet?

    should have just added a 'recall pet' spell from launch, would've fixed 99% of problems. Make it take a minute to cast or whatever, keep it in logout range. Basically like logging in and logging out before anyone complains, could make it so you can't cast in combat. Can't even count the number...
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    Please add this to the game (QOL)

    Yeah i feel like the 'old school' mentality has really hurt a lot of MMOs into not adding basic qol features
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    Please add this to the game (QOL)

    also weight, very important
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    TC and server capacity nightmare.

    considering it's about a year/two years off I highly doubt enough people will return to cause much of a problem. Also they'll probably have a sub by then which will cull a lot of players
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    Subscription Poll

    biggest problem with the game is there really is not a lot to do. I only play once or twice a month, certainly wouldn't sub for it. Wouldn't be that hard to add sieges, add random events, add more mobs, add rare loot tables to encourage farming and thus pvp. but SV just have no clue
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    Run away from melee

    Idk why people care that much abou run speed. I play an oghmir. Just bring a horse, or two horses, or three horses. When one dies, jump on the other. You're not gonna be able to run away from 99% of fights
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    A way for pet owners to resurrect their pet

    Pets are mostly for fun and carrying items. They are not economically viable. Risking a 500g pet against two MAs in 10g kits, just not worth it. Very easy to lose pets to dumb crap. People will still complain about getting killed by a 500g pet when wearing 5g armor though. A big problem in this...
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    The biggest time waste ingame and how it affects the playerbase

    I think the problem with most pvp full-loot / semi-loot games is that the reward for killing an attacker is not enough. Most people have maybe 5g worth of gear on them. Either baseline gear needs to be more expensive or I think that attackers should lose xp and a % of their bank on death like...
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    The biggest time waste ingame and how it affects the playerbase

    Didn't say you were, but I agree it was somewhat implied. My point is that not everyone wants to waste 1 hour a day waiting for the 'extraction timer' to finish while doing absolutely nothing. It's not fun, it serves no purpose. It's literally just a complete waste of time. I have no clue why...
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    December Ban Report + Bonus: Reddit Ban List (Jan 2nd)

    More people banned for filing GM reports than cheating 💀
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    The biggest time waste ingame and how it affects the playerbase

    true, having a job is a me problem. Too bad not everyone wants to be single, unemployed and play video games all day
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    The biggest time waste ingame and how it affects the playerbase

    Give it some time. The thrill of wasting 1 hour a day crushing ore and 1 hour traveling, etc, 'cool' at first since it's different and new. Very quickly gets old after the 100th time you've done it
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    The biggest time waste ingame and how it affects the playerbase

    Yeah I used to do a lot of mining and forging. But I think it is fundamentally not fun in this game. Step one is click R on a big rock and afk for 6-8 minutes. This is always done tabbed out of afk. Step two is crushing ore, sit and wait two minutes per stack. Third step is extractor, again...
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    The biggest time waste ingame and how it affects the playerbase

    Games like MO usually go for the niche of targeting older players who have money and have a lot of time to play games, which isn't a ton of people. There are people who are just really into playing video games as a hobby, neets, and retired people