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    lemme buy ur sh

    lemme buy ur sh
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    WTS T.snake

    Selling Tsnake in MK 10g/100 have a good stock.
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    Triumphalis Imperialis et Bestia II Event Accounting

    HELLO! I brought a campo. name amill, campo name DumboTHICC. photo file too large to insert here see DM on discord. Tind fab mk
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    Stronghold priests

    So with the new priests that can be placed if you have a strong hold they can only be placed inside the structure. Seems a bit pointless don't you think? Ghosts can't go through doors or open them rendering the priests pretty worthless unless you set it as your home priest. I can't think of any...
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    WTS Multiverse Lore [sold]

    New stock hmu!
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    mounted combat requirements

    Currently dumpster. Don't play MC yet.
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    Multiverse lore

    Multiverse lore is traded for a scroll dropped by the mino king. Portal knowledge scroll drops from the Sator Vessel. Both are not guaranteed drops. Multiverse is selling for 1k+ ATM and portal knowledge for 3k+
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    fat magicians (ogrims)

    If you plan to foot mage a fat mage, don't. Go for the chubby sheevra build. They ate decent in group on horse but generally an MA can kill a mounted mage.
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    WTS Material Merc Cape

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    WTS Multiverse Lore [sold]

    WTS Multiverse Lore book in Fab!
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    WTS Material Merc Cape

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    Advanced Fabernum Tower Dungeon map

    This is wonderful, good work!
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    Guide to Gems

    Riser/Riser boss drop as well.
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    All armor locations

    Really nice, thank you!
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    Skills - Warning List

    SKILL NAME = Combat Balance Status = Doesn't work/cant level after reading. Description: After reading no way to max or gain exp. overhead strike and knock down not effecting it like in mo1.
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    Full trindremene build for mage

    khurite human with max dex is good foot mage. human vs veela is trading a bit of defense for a bit of speed. either way you cant 1v1 worth shit and are a support character or strength in numbers build. LONG LIVE HENRIKS VISION. lol.
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    Need feedback - High Dex Build...

    clade gifts that give higher str for bows, go stout for more hp and higher str. heavy armor for defense. should be fine. can build some mage for sustain maybe max 50 ecu. glhf
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    WTS Material Merc Cape