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    I keep hearing Henrik saying "penalities for murderers".

    hate to agree but that is exactly how the game feels, and it really is a shame, because they're just shooting themselves in the foot. you can make a living breathing immersive world that doesn't require a significant portion of the playerbase to have a bad time in order to facilitate fun for...
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    I keep hearing Henrik saying "penalities for murderers".

    part of the problem, unfortunately, is that the combat mechanics provide no means of turning the tables on an attacker or attackers. And the advantage of being the attacker is ridiculously huge. The best you can hope for is maybe escaping, if you have a fast build. Someone said "why don't you...
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    the problem with this game is it sells itself as 'play how you like' but the truth is the only effective way to play is get a group and just kos everyone because there are no meaningful consequences for murder. Attacking first is a huge advantage due to the clunkiness of the gameplay, so the...
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    Town Dueling

    'allowed to happen' 'ancient times' 'kids' 'violence in the streets' k.
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    What other alternatives to MO2 do we have?

    gloria victus is pretty similar, but less sandbox more structured not full loot either, partial no magic either combat is smoother and more fast paced but also floaty, compared to MO2 idk, it hasn't held my interest, but then neither has MO2, as I haven't played it in like 2 weeks. At least it...
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    MO2 an Anti-PVP PVP Game

    PvP is such a disingenuous term for PK. If you are going around calling PK PvPing then you have a issue.
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    PvE Server

    maybe. you seem interested. wanna chat in private? don't care cool story brother shmerrick
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    Misuse of pets

    tbh i expected hitching posts to be in the game as a basic design decision to keep this exact thing from happening, but nope guess that's not hipster sandboxy enough
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    PvE Server

    doubling down on stupidity is basic AF, but i expected no less. have fun going through life with horse blinders on. your insult game is pretty weak with a PG rating btw, just laughable tbh. lacking in T if you know what I mean. are you this bad at pvp in the game too?
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    PvE Server

    use of pejorative term 'soyboys' (lol?) is non-productive, doesn't rly make any sense as an insult either...unless you were born in the 50s maybe? tbh just makes you sound less legitimate as a source of information/opinion/mental stability. Did a vegetarian rape your dad or something? idk, guess...
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    MO2 Class Tier List

    thank you.
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    Naming bags

    bump, good idea
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    I can't send an mail to one of my characters.

    That makes a lot of sense. It wouldn't have been noticed much in the weeks immediately after launch, b/c servers were constantly being reset.
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    I can't send an mail to one of my characters.

    yep all back to normal
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    PvE Server

    played plenty of single player text adventure games in the 80s, and an old, ASCII graphic pseudo-MUD called Land of Devastation back in the 90s dial-up days, but never a true MUD MO2 reminds me of a time when rpgs forced the player to really take responsibility for all of their choices, and...
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    PvE Server

    sure yeah, the systems would have to be tweaked, at the least. Games used to be more about the journey. Most still try or pretend to try, but I remember a time when the idea of a tangible 'quest reward' was not really a thing. MO2 has done an excellent job of reminding me how i fell in love...
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    These are the biggest issues in MO2 and how to fix them

    goddamnit this times a million. the map design literally encourages the idea of exploration, and then completely discourages the reality of exploration for the above reasons.
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    PvE Server

    Hireable NPC bodyguards. i'll pretend that this could actually be implemented without breaking 5 things. sidenote, I actually believe that a PVE-only game (single player or not) with similar systems to MO2 could be really fun and successful. A smart AAA publisher should make this happen tbh...
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    PvE Server

    cool, that'll work out great for you, enjoy
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    PvE Server

    nvm, just saw this little gem. stop posting, uninstall the game, and go away.