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  1. DaChieftain

    Looking for 20+ man guilds for pvp

    Looking for 20+ man groups to fight near Mk. The more the better, just want content. Dont care what gear, numbers, etc Just agree somewhere close-ish near MK and let's have fun! Would love to see VII, North order, DeadCrew, or DRED step up. Since they live here, it'd be fun.
  2. DaChieftain

    New player guides (Build guides, Book locations, Skill req., Crafter guides etc)

    Hello, this is for all the new players that could use that little bit of extra info. Credit goes to [SoB] PacXen. This is the kind of guides we've created for our guilds (Sons of Bear) - shameless plug. But hopefully it helps everyone. *EDIT* we've compiled them all to a single link, and have...
  3. DaChieftain

    [SOB] Sons Of Bear

    [SOB] Sons Of Bear Welcome, we're [SOB] Sons Of Bear Formally known as [BEAR] in Mortal One. We're a guild oriented around end game Pvp, Pve, and politics. We're a RPK ( To your discretion ) guild, if it isn't an ally, it's a foe. Building and securing a stronghold and territory will be our...