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  1. Turbizzler

    Why hasn't pet pathing been fixed yet?

    SV couldn't get pet pathing right in a decade on MO1, I think your expectations of what is possible is quite ambitious.
  2. Turbizzler

    dec bans, why are we perm banning for communication policy/gem harassment and ban evasion.

    Punishment is a deterrent for crime, just those who don't learn from their punishment and continue to do crime, either; A ) Are an idiot and spend the rest of their life in and out of prison and don't know how to not get caught. B) Are a product of their environment and come from lower social...
  3. Turbizzler

    the ban policy does not protect the user base and causes unnecessary fear and intimidation by moderation staff

    The internet and being a game is not a free pass to act how you want and say what you want. The free speech excuse to act like a muppet is not a valid excuse to act without consequence. Or you know, let out all that edge in the unofficial discord, literally what it's there for.
  4. Turbizzler

    the ban policy does not protect the user base and causes unnecessary fear and intimidation by moderation staff

    A hardcore game doesn't mean it should make being a socially inept degenerate an acceptable way to behave or speak. The hardcore aspect is game design & mechanics, not an open forum for people to say and do what ever they feel. Yes it's an adult game, yes adult language is said - But we don't...
  5. Turbizzler

    When are we getting a counter to MM?

    It should go both ways. If a footie gets hit by a mid weight to heavy weapon while a mounted and is max speed charging or even the mount itself hitting the footie(like mounted charge in MO1) it should knockdown the footie for a short period. But if the rider gets hit by a mid weight to heavy...
  6. Turbizzler

    When are we getting a counter to MM?

    Blunt arrows should have a chance to dismount if hitting the torso, that scales with strength. Higher strength bow, higher chance to dismount with blunt arrows. Hitting the person in the head, should increase dismount chance by a very high % or even a 100% dismount chance. Need spear stance...
  7. Turbizzler

    Regarding the Recent Ban Wave for Exploits

    The game has been scuffed from launch day and every major patch has had some farming exploit or over tuned loot drop rates. The game really needed a solid 12 - 18 months more in the oven. There's been so much issues with the game that somehow the economy is worse than the first months after MO1...
  8. Turbizzler

    Patch Notes Discussion

    While Soph was half arsed, it added some unique titles and had minor functionality with TC, so it had some use. Gave a little incentive to grind for those who cared, especially for the titles. There were a surprising amount of people that bought high soph food and soph drinks too. I would...
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    PvE Server

  10. Turbizzler

    Patch Notes Discussion

    Soph is very much needed. I have a feeling though, it'll implement around the time of TC. If judging things from MO1, Soph played a role in some TC buildings. But then again, it is SV and MO2 content/system prioritization has been all over the show. I also miss my high end 23 hunger per unit...
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    Patch Notes Discussion

    It's a good patch for what it is. Though with combining, it would of been nice to see more than just Keg and potion combining. Would be nice to have basic enhancements like from MO1 for weapons & armor, or even just dyeing to add some spice. The increased render distances for names, animations...
  12. Turbizzler

    Buy the Ultra Dynamic Sky Pack from UE Store.

    It wouldn't work in MO2 like it does in the videos. These are controlled scenes in a test environment which looks to be in engine renders. In a live MP environement of a large scale, it wouldn't be like how it is in these videos, it would be very watered down in detail and not as impressive. It...
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    Pets vs Melee

    This thread gave me flashbacks to getting 2 tapped from 100m from a shade in MO1. Thanks for the memories.
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    October Ban Report

    EAC HWID bans if the same person is caught using multiple accounts to cheat on a single game or ban evades by using multiple IP addresses. Essentially forcing the person to get new hardware or subbing to a HWID spoofer service, which most can't be arsed doing. Only really dedicated people(Like...
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    October Ban Report

    Not really surprised at the amount of bans, there was an alarming amount of people cheating & exploiting their tits off in MO1. They were just able to fly under the radar a lot easier & deny relentlessly, due to much more primitive logging tools and a very...lackluster in-house anti-cheat. Now...
  16. Turbizzler

    New Road Map....

    The latest road map brought on a huge amount of disappointment for me. I was really hoping to see a focus on TC and other major content sooner. The game lacks any meaningful long term content for longevity and player retention. It's just little carrots on the end of a stick to keep some people...
  17. Turbizzler

    I'm more safe anywhere else in the game than inside guarded cities.

    So you got folded like uncle bobs lawn chair during a trade, due to your own mistakes, while being on a wheel chair obese mage, wearing light rice paper armor. And this is your reasoning for wanting to make time to kill even longer and towns safer than they already are. Towns are literally 95%...
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    WTF Did You Do to Dedicated Archer and MA Builds?

    It's a little over tuned right now, seems to be a bit of a knee jerk implementation due to how people complained about MA and archery for a year. It reminds me of arma 3 head bob slider being put to 100% lol, Can get a little sickening after a while. It did need change, but now it just has made...
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    Patch Notes Discussion

    First time I have voted a patch being good. Usually patches for me are below average or average. My main gripe is how much stronger mounted magery is becoming every patch with changes. While the latest archery changes were needed(though a little over tuned IMO) it just widens the gap between...
  20. Turbizzler

    Ideas to reduce travel time, without destoying core mechanics of the game. (very important feedback to make the game enjoyable for players with a job)

    The goal is to spread the population across all corners, hence the city/town placements in MO2 - Aside from the Jungle and central steppe. For a healthy world you want the population split up across key locations across the map and have PvE locations around the main population centers, as well...