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  1. Bigbadwolff

    Multiple Spawn Points/Warp Gates/Something

    to name a few hylls, medudu, mk and jc i have a lot of things at borkers
  2. Bigbadwolff

    This Is Looking Good, Wonder If They'll Have Thievery? Pax Dei

    bring it on, more mmos makes it more healthy and competitive place to be
  3. Bigbadwolff

    Multiple Spawn Points/Warp Gates/Something

    This chages will be implemented once cash shop is in the game.
  4. Bigbadwolff

    Troll Baiting

    That SH of Insidios needs to go down, its a pain in the ass there North of meduli
  5. Bigbadwolff

    Why so fast furnace and crusher work?

    you should tell that to the guys that are shooting with longbows from outside Meduli in weekend at high peak times
  6. Bigbadwolff

    Server’s been taking a dump all day. Come on SV.

    rumors are some guild was duping gold with this server crashing :cautious: :rolleyes:
  7. Bigbadwolff

    21 important things that should not be missing in the next 2 roadmaps this year.

    If the black market its implemented the npc needs to be in lawles towns, else it doesnt make any sense. In Albion Black market is in Caerleon wich its considered a bandit city and its is in the middle of a lot of full loot maps that are camped by gankers so you need to be lucky and very skilled...
  8. Bigbadwolff

    Consequences for your Actions; Murder Counts

    Bounty Hunting is hard in 20 tryes I never seen a target, the problem it always sends you to tephra crater :devilish: ,a few times I was lucky and the target was in Fab and I was in Vadda, when I got near the guy, he logged off,I have cople storys like this 🤬. The second problem is that when I...
  9. Bigbadwolff

    Consequences for your Actions; Murder Counts

    Now You cant get 5 teror birds to kill a traget, with BM change when you get pets out of stabels will have 0 focus, if u attack with 0 focus the pet will do 1-2 dmg till the pet gets 500 focus when it does full dmg, if u have more pets then ur creature control points the pets focus will stay 0...
  10. Bigbadwolff


    Hello. To get strait to the point, few days ago saw the streamer J42k on a dex mage in a fight in jungle he had a dagger(i think the npc vendor one)and 100 Blocking, parrying perfect vs a guy that had a risar sword and he took 2 damage on every parry. Do you know why? he didnt say whne I asked...
  11. Bigbadwolff

    You should be banned for having blue untagged alts.

    I think 1st the sub will cut a lot of this alts acounts and then the Diva sistem if it comes, and will belive it when i see it.
  12. Bigbadwolff

    You should be banned for having blue untagged alts.

    I seen a lot of blues untagged runing around with rpk guilds or alone (scouts) around key spots were new players have a long way to be and sometimes like 80% acting agresive
  13. Bigbadwolff

    Subscription Poll

    I just play the game :cool: :devilish:, if you are looking for someone to cope with quote some guys above, you will be in luck.
  14. Bigbadwolff

    Subscription Poll

    I will sub 100%, only play MO2 and Albion, and the rest whats out there is to boring Population is increasing, at epic lunch will expect long qs even with 2-3 aditional servers. Olso this smart/small talk about game mecanics here on forum is a blow in the wind :ROFLMAO: Good Luck
  15. Bigbadwolff

    dec bans, why are we perm banning for communication policy/gem harassment and ban evasion.

    Will be usefull to have a ban sistem like fortnite, witch bans the machine and you cant play the game on that PC ever again :cool:
  16. Bigbadwolff

    Patch Notes Discussion

    I like beast mastery and I waited so long for it and its here and happy for it but with weather sistem i have fps drops and have more freezes in places I didnt have, had to downgrade settings to be okeish and olso heard that not everyone have the same weather if you are in the same place, wtf is...
  17. Bigbadwolff

    Fog not visible for all players

    Since implementation of this weather sistem i get fps drops and more client freezes especialy near batki, and before the patch I had no issues Olso this is unfair if you have heavy fog and dont see anything and the enemy see you perfectly fine because he has no fog in the same area.
  18. Bigbadwolff

    Dealing with weapons

    It should be implemented, maybe with TC, this kind of quality of life changes usually are implemented after the big core mechanics of the game are set in place and we all here can vouch that in MO2 a lot of core mechanics dont exist yet In my personal experiance I'm now very aware of what...
  19. Bigbadwolff

    Patch Notes Discussion

    1st i need to test the beast mastery stuff and then give it a vote. Thinked that this patch will come in January 2023 but its here now :cool: , Im excited for it because its was the only thing i was wainting for since I started playing in march. Hope its a good patch and makes all pest...
  20. Bigbadwolff

    Dealing with weapons

    Did you know if you use magic with a weapon drawn, just auto puts away the wepon and then cast magic :D