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  1. Gladiator

    Bi-Monthly Mortal Online II Feedback Thread #4 - Lawless Zones and Neutral Guards

    to be fair, anything that is further than 1 kilometer from any town should be a lawless zone. There should be more lawless zones than non-lawless zones, i mean, it makes no sense that you get reported for murder simply because the guy spawned half way across the map, when the only thing seeing...
  2. Gladiator

    You should be banned for having blue untagged alts.

    Yeah, here's the thing. StarVault is a business. They WANT you to have blue alts. They want you to have multiple characters, to buy 10 accounts if need be. The game's design is made in such a way that you need more than 1 account to fully experience all it has to offer. So... SV wont give a damn...
  3. Gladiator

    GMs interfering with gameplay in town PVP

    Thing is, if StarVault wanted towns to be completely safe, you would simply take no damage in town, thats very simple to implement. Therefor, that is not what they want :)
  4. Gladiator

    Yanek asks for help in solving an important issue ;)

    Most people's first experience the second they hit MainLand is getting Murdered in cold blooded murder. That can be very discouraging and is, for a lot of people, a quit moment. I don't think people need your or anyone else's help on Haven.
  5. Gladiator

    How many players from each region?

    Considering we had 1750 people logged in yesterday, i highly doubt this post getting at most 20-30 votes ever will be any reliable data either.
  6. Gladiator

    Subscription Poll

    I own 3 accounts. Let me put it this way. If the game retained the exact number of daily online, active players of right now, that means, a peak of 1500-1600, then yes, I would pay a 10-15 dollar sub / month. But not on all my accounts, hell no, I would pay one and thats it. Now, realistically...
  7. Gladiator

    The biggest time waste ingame and how it affects the playerbase

    The biggest time waste in this game, by far, is death. Death when you are blue, is a little bit painful, but death as a red player is absolutely horrible. After they removed the red priests outside of every town (which was the biggest mistake they ever did), it took you unironically upwards of...
  8. Gladiator

    WTF Did You Do to Dedicated Archer and MA Builds?

    balancing something because it took too little primary points to be effective is fine. But balancing it in a way that induces nausea is trully despicable. Further proves my point that StarVault tests NOTHING.
  9. Gladiator

    Regarding our last update with the Trade Window

    Has there been any confirmed such "tricks"? As far as the community is concerned, 2 photos do not really prove anything.
  10. Gladiator

    Removing spinning cause 1 month streamers cant read attacks

    As contrary to this post, which seems highly inflammatory just like everything else this guy posts, if you think about it objectively you can come to a few conclusions, such as : 1. Spinning and morphing animations in order to look goofy so the other person cannot parry is unrealistic. 2...
  11. Gladiator

    Patch Notes Discussion

    We will finally not be seeing everyone and their mothers with max level pets stomping everyone else with literal zero effort maxing them. Big nerf to mages, with the pets and the shields. This is a really great thing. Best patch done by SV by far. Well... assuming it works :D
  12. Gladiator

    Web and graphic design for gold. (Only MO2 websites and graphics.) Can I do this?

    im sure noone will ban the guy for making a logo for 50 gold, let's be honest here, guy's new, just wants a quick bank starter, he's not here to make a fortune liek the chinese gold sellers
  13. Gladiator

    Cowardly Knights

    The Cowardly Knights are recruiting. Who are we? Scum of the fuckin earth, lowest of the low, absolute mongrels. We're also half decent at PVP. We have few friends and many many enemies. Do you want to PVP with us? Come along. Send me a message on here or on discord at : Gladiator#1489 and...
  14. Gladiator

    WTS Skaddy Necklace for MA

    Preferably trading it for either a MAGE or a Footie build necklace or ring. But entertaining offers in gold too. Can trade in Tindrem, Bakti, Mohki etc...
  15. Gladiator

    Murderers Should Get Permadeath

    The only way to make permadeath in videogames fun is by having no skill system. The only games that succeded with this kind of design are survival games like Rust and Dayz, because the only real thing you actually lose is your gear. Now, if it took a few hours instead of a few weeks to...
  16. Gladiator

    New player Tamer help

    New player sees trailer, is excited to do the things that the trailer says you can do. Trailer turns out to be a lie. Absolute bollocks. FALSE advertisement which is even illegal. Player is no longer excited about the game because, not only does it not provide him with his playstyle of liking...
  17. Gladiator

    Is it possible to destroy enemy house or fortress?

    The funniest part about destroying someone's house is that you will get nothing out of it :D The loot just disappears into the void.
  18. Gladiator

    More Trinket Trash

    The only way to fix spiritism is to have a counter for it that... is not Spiritism. You said that only a veela can catch a veela, and while technically you are right, its not quite like that. In most situations, a lot of people can Kill a veela. A tamer can kill a veela, a person on a mount can...
  19. Gladiator

    More Trinket Trash

    Are you really defending spiritists when they're literally even farming the Necro dungeon in 100% safety by ressurecting themselves on top of coffers? Like, man, for real, what are you on about? Everything should be risky. For everyone, not just for some. You want loot? Risk your life. Risk...
  20. Gladiator

    Lie. Cheat. Steal. (A Shout Out To All The Sticky Fingers In Here)

    I think the craziest thing about it is that its actually against the rules now and would get you banned :D , not the thievery part (which is not in the game yet) but the trade scamming part