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  1. Ichorous

    Patch Notes Discussion

    The potion sipping thing is all I wanted.
  2. Ichorous

    Precision Potion Consumption Toggle

    I don't always want to drink as much potion as I can. However, the current potion consumption system is: 1 click drinks all the potion that your belly can hold. Depending on clades and skills, and potion packaging, that might be way more potion that we want. We need the ability to decide how...
  3. Ichorous

    Fish encyclopedia

    Bro . . . You nearly doubled the record. I understand if you'd rather not share, but I gotta ask - was this caught using the commonly known method (Lesser thalassa, 5 hook at 555 depth)?
  4. Ichorous

    Patch Erasing Buy Orders

    This is the second time I have had buy orders disappear from a patch. It seems like any buy order placed within 24 hours of a patch will not survive the patch.
  5. Ichorous

    Is there any sense from intelligence above 130-134

    Most skills are governed by attributes. Every 10 points of intelligence gives you one free skill point in the skills governed by intelligence. These are mostly the crafting skills and magic skills. Higher intelligence also increases mana pool. It does raise spell damage as well, but less and...
  6. Ichorous

    Fish encyclopedia

    New record? Pretty much bent my pole in half.
  7. Ichorous

    Meduli Post office

    The Veredari guild is being systematically persecuted under color of law. Several have been imprisoned or gone into hiding at this point. Their alleged participation in criminal acts was obviously unwitting and accidental. Let us not betray the faith of those few brave postmasters who yet stand...
  8. Ichorous

    Ichor Apotheciarum

    My fellow Mortals, Welcome to Ichor Apothecarium, where good health and fitness are just a sip away. We are pleased to offer a wide range of medicines and remedies. Our Products and Prices Direct Heal 58* - Direct Heals 58 HP per 10 units: 17g per 40 units in Meduli; 20g per 40 units in...
  9. Ichorous

    Happy birthday old friend.

    Happy birthday old friend.
  10. Ichorous

    How Do We Fix The Economy(/Game)?

    This is a great callout. I forgot he was doing that, and I find that to be persuasive evidence that duping is happening.
  11. Ichorous

    How Do We Fix The Economy(/Game)?

    These are indicators, but like you said, it is possible for these things to be happening without any duping. In MO1, dupes came to light. There were videos, screenshots, people handing out stacks of gold at the Tindrem bank, server rollbacks, admissions from players. Secrets don't live long in...
  12. Ichorous

    How Do We Fix The Economy(/Game)?

    Are there indicators that theres an obsene amount of gold going around? What are they? This is like we are at a beach and you're telling me the water isn't safe. There are sharks in the water. I say there's no signs of a shark. No dorsal fins, nobody has seen a shark or been attacked by one...
  13. Ichorous

    How Do We Fix The Economy(/Game)?

    I would say that any activity that derives revenue from other players isn't a good unit of measure. Whatever the activity, it should be low risk, low capital (little or no need for skill points, equipment, facilities), soloable, and compensated through vendor trades. Graveyard farming is...
  14. Ichorous

    How Do We Fix The Economy(/Game)?

    This would explain a lot. Just people meaning different things when they say the word "dupe."
  15. Ichorous

    How Do We Fix The Economy(/Game)?

    Yes, that's more or less what I'm saying.
  16. Ichorous

    How Do We Fix The Economy(/Game)?

    Because material prices are stable. That shouldn't happen if duped gold is truly abundant. People would spend it, and it would drive prices upward very noticeably.
  17. Ichorous

    How Do We Fix The Economy(/Game)?

    It's not just me reading this conversation, friend. We are all having this conversation about fixing the economy. Are you just here to tell everyone it's hopeless, or do you have ideas to share? You seem to believe that duping is a problem merely because it is possible to do. I too believe that...
  18. Ichorous

    How Do We Fix The Economy(/Game)?

    You don't need to prove anything to anyone, that is correct. But why would you not want to? Don't you want people to believe you? Otherwise, what are you even doing posting about duping in this thread?
  19. Ichorous

    How Do We Fix The Economy(/Game)?

    I believe there's inequality. If you can prove there are banks full of duped gold, then do so. I don't see the evidence. People having stacks of gold doesn't mean it's duped.