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  1. MolagAmur

    WTB in Hyllspeia or Fab

    Looking to buy in bulk: Reptile Carapace Crustacean Carapace Also looking for Risar Spear and Dagger book.
  2. MolagAmur


    The core group of Norsca started in Mortal Online back in 2012. We are a smaller-scale PvP focused group of players who prefer to fight on foot. Our main goals are to form a formidable combat group, be respectable mercenaries and bounty hunters, and explore everything MO has to offer. For...
  3. MolagAmur

    We need more paths through mountains, etc

    The map is massive. And thats okay, But there should be WAY more ways to get from point A to point B. There are a lot of huge mountain ranges and such that you have to go all the way around. Its just not fun. In MO1 there seemed to be far more pathways/shortcuts. Oh and bring back Fab backdrop...
  4. MolagAmur

    Worn short swords

    Why don't we lose these on death? They are 100% griefing weapons. If you insist on keeping them for new players put some kind of limitation on them such as after 5 clade levels or so they drop on death. The amount of people I've seen lose their horses by nakeds with these swords in insane. I...
  5. MolagAmur

    Lack of magic effects

    I have two major complaints with magic at the moment. First thing is removing the color from the spell icons. What was the thought behind that? Not only did it look better before, it was much easier to tell which spell is which. Second is the lack of effects/particles. In MO1 when you got...
  6. MolagAmur

    Hyllspeia graveyard?

    I'm sure this has already been asked, but why doesn't Hyllspeia have a graveyard? Its a blue starter town. Its WAY out of the way of anything else as well. Just wondering what the purpose is...
  7. MolagAmur

    Killing spawns with houses....

    Is this intended? If so, then why? I've seen a ton of houses placed around and on spawns and can't help but to think that was their intention. And with sieging not in the game on launch? Imagine if a handful of people built houses around an area or horse spawns and just kill the spawns.
  8. MolagAmur

    Guild bank/More in-depth guild interface

    I've brought up this topic quite often, but I think we need proper guild banks inside of town with permissions so that guild members can donate crafting materials or gold with ease. In MO1 the "guild bank" was usually an alt account that was shared between trusted members (and a lot were stolen...
  9. MolagAmur

    MO1 magic sound effects

    I know this isn't going to be a priority or anything, but I miss the sound effects magic had in MO1. It was MUCH better than the nothingness that we have now Mindblast used to make an interesting high pitched noise. Corrupt used to have the spooky sound. Fulminate had that whoosh to it and gave...
  10. MolagAmur

    Revert the INT curve changes

    At the end of the day it did literally nothing but make more builds less viable and some non-viable. I don't think any of us asked for the changes that we got. It was such a lazy way to do it. We should just revert it altogether imo. We need more build variety...not less. The day that patch hit...
  11. MolagAmur

    Issues with the MO2 map

    This may be a little of a rant... The entire map was rebuilt in MO2 basically. Yet, it seems its basically the MO1 map layout made 6x larger with extra hills, ponds, trees, etc. I know there is stuff they haven't added yet of course...but I mainly want to talk about the towns and tools. So...
  12. MolagAmur

    One-handed Weapons need work!

    Gimmicks aside, nearly every one-handed weapon was hot trash in MO1 and so far they are unfavored by most in MO2. Should we make the handle mesh 50-75% smaller on 1-handed hilts? Should we just remove handle hits completely from one handed weapons? What is it going to take to make them good...
  13. MolagAmur

    The speed gap.

    How do you guys feel about the speed gap? Because disengaging from a fight is nearly impossible right now from my personal experience and videos I've seen.
  14. MolagAmur

    Murdercount issue

    To keep it short and simple.... Scenario 1: John and Bob are friends. John hits Bob on accident while farming mobs. 45 minutes pass. Bob dies to mob. Bob goes back to a town to res. Bob can give John a murdercount. Scenario 2: John hits Bob once. Bob runs away. Bob suicides in town. Bob...
  15. MolagAmur

    INT Scaling on Magic

    So everyone who has played Mortal Online knows how Intelligence scaling worked. At 60 INT you do the same damage/healing as a full mage that had 90ish INT. Once you hit I think 110+ you start to see noticeable increases. Here is a graph of someone who tried to test INT scaling without...