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  1. Phen

    Alpha FPS issues?

    Hello again SV community. I understand the struggle with MO2's FPS issues. Personally with my setup, I averaged 10-25 FPS with all sorts of spiking and issues before messing with every setting. I also get that we haven't had any optimization yet. Though until that happens here is the simplest...
  2. Phen

    Question on Testing Etiquette -

    Hello members of MO, I just noticed this little part at the end of "testing etiquette" post. "Lose access to the testing phases" Does this include Beta?
  3. Phen

    Phen's Feedback.

    Well here we are again going over stuff in the new patch! First off i want to say the crafting is done very well. I'm happy you guys went about the crafting the way you did. The way it was in MO1 made particular weapons more used then others. This version i can see already that people will...
  4. Phen

    Repair and Melting -

    As our almighty CEO has mentioned today in discord. "We plan to implement repair and melting." I would love to start this off by saying thanks! I personally make things with my hands daily and when i see a broken tool i love to recreate it. A quote I use when teaching stuff is, " No tool left...
  5. Phen

    Phen's Alpha Weapon Crafting Guide-

    Hello everyone, I'm here to present some simple ways to get into weapon crafting. This guide could easily move on to Beta release if all stays the same. First off I want to start off by letting everyone know to double check your weapon. Only saying this because making a good weapon is easy...
  6. Phen

    Skill VS Zerg

    I see lots of people complaining about zerg gaming as if skilled players cant handle themselves. So my question is.... whos better a zerg team or a skilled team?
  7. Phen

    Bandage Suggestion by Phen

    My personal suggestion to bandages, I'm reposting this on a different post to avoid miscommunication. I've been getting lots of flack for my suggestions lately, rather see all the hate on one page then spread out on every reply. Please post your hate here as my suggestion is just that. It's a...
  8. Phen

    Group Fight Info -

    Just wanted to toss this up here for everyone to get a gist of how we are doing the Alpha group fights. Time: 20:00 CEU / 11:00PST Days: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat. Location: Ask in game or on Discord Basic Rules: No rejoining fight after death, no bug abusing, no late joining, wait for "reset"...
  9. Phen

    Feedback- How to check Ping with ease! -Poll update-

    Just a simple quick guide on checking your avg ping with the MO2 server. I had to move this into feedback/suggestions because of forums not allowing polls in guides section. Yes there is lots of way to do this. The easiest way I have found ping for MO2 without a long process is. Once you have...
  10. Phen

    Stances - Idea Suggestion.

    Title says it well. This is about stances and how I think we could see some grand improvements for combat / the stance usages. To start it off we all know that MO1 stances didn't do a lot or anything at all in some cases. Here I'll throw down some suggestions of things that can be done...
  11. Phen

    Blocking issues

    Im still having issues with blocking working as it should. Not sure if anyone else is having this issues but here is what happens. Attacking Player: player draw weapon. Myself : Puts block up. Attacking player: Makes swing Myself: still awaiting hit Attacking player: Makes contact Myself...
  12. Phen

    Houses, Deeds and Keeps: Website update!

    Looks like we got some information on Houses, deeds and keeps. I'm going to drop the info here and some questions about it. As always would love to hear others ideas and speculations on what is going to happen! We can now work with Empires! Own your own land or be in cahoots with Empires just...
  13. Phen

    Putting a bottom in the map.

    Not sure if others have had this issue. Though I was traveling and slipped through the mapping. Whatever no big deal... well kinda, when your falling you can't return to a priest. Would highly suggest putting a bottom on the map so we don't crash when falling. Also would give us a place to TP...
  14. Phen Patch Suggestions by Phen

    This patch is looking awesome so far! I like the turn cap change ( REMOVED!) . Makes the swings feel a lot better. Although you can still pull off a 360 swing. It's not as bad as other games, i feel like this was a great fix for the 360 spin2win. Equipment stuff...: Would love to see equipment...
  15. Phen

    Character Creation Suggestion

    Hey SV and MO2 community! Was chatting with a fellow member @Xronim , he came up with a great idea to help prevent rerolling. As we chatted about stats and clase gifts. We thought about players getting a view of the clade gifts before creation. After some thought. Imo, ideally the gifts each...
  16. Phen

    Road Map Overview

    Whats good SV and community members! Happy to say after a good bit of testing of the patch, it had lots of great stuff in it. Including this updated road map. First off it looks alot more organized and streamlined! I love it, making these small adjustments should help speed the...
  17. Phen

    Patch Suggestion by Phen -

    Just making a quick place for everyone to start adding their suggestions about the patch! - First thing i noticed and maybe i'm just a stickler, The Thursars only have a single color to them. My suggestion would be for each subclade to have a slight color tone difference. Just like how...
  18. Phen

    Possible Guide for Alpha Testing- Poll

    Alpha testing guidelines for Mortal Online 2! This is a friendly poll for a guide to help both alpha testers and SV get through the alpha testing process smoothly and efficiently. By the agreement of TOS, there are some slack ruling places ( After lease these rules become more solid. ) to...
  19. Phen

    Rules from 2011 - Ban and rules confusion part2 -

    I'm sorry @Erras .. :( If what I was reading was really the rules. Than I would love to see this updated or followed according to what you have posted. You deleted a statement I made about testing and how a player was so mad he priest camped me. I see that being highly discouraging for testing...
  20. Phen

    Bans and Rule Confusion - Answered

    Hello, I'm just wondering on what the rules are IN GAME. I have been wondering this sense we have started Alpha testing. A big part of this is not knowing what we can or cant do. Fully understand if someone is abusing the games issues and making it unfair for others to play. Though I question...